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Application forms

Editable application forms are now available for you to complete digitally. You can navigate through the form by pressing the down arrow. If you can't physically sign a form, you must sign it digitally. We accept digital signatures from these digital signature providers:

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  WELLTH Fund Exceptions form

  Application for additional cover for COVID-19

  Advanced Illness Benefit application form

  Allied, Therapeutic and Psychology Extender Benefit application form

  Application for additional allied, therapeutic and psychology cover

  Application for out-of-hospital management of a Prescribed Minimum Benefit condition

  Bariatric surgery application form

  Chronic Illness Benefit Application form

  External Medical Items Extender Benefit application form

  HIV Care Programme application form

  KeyCare, Essential Smart and Essential Dynamic Smart application for chronic renal dialysis

  International Travel Benefit claim form

  Lymphoedema application form

  Request for additional cover for out-of-hospital Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions

  Request for additional cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) Chronic Disease List (CDL) conditions registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit (CIB) form

  Request for extra Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) cover for HIV

  Request for extended supply of medicine

  Request for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PREP)

  The non-functional and or reconstructive treatment and surgery pilot application form

  Mamma print application form for breast cancer pilot programme

  Oncotype Dx test application form

  Overseas Treatment Benefit application form (Executive and Comprehensive Plans only)

  Overseas Treatment Benefit claim form (Executive and Comprehensive plans only)

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