Vitality Money
Get financially healthier, enjoy all the rewards.

Vitality Money
Get financially healthier, enjoy all the rewards.

Vitality Money,   brought to you by the world's first behavioural bank

We'll help you get financially healthier so you can have the freedom to do all the things you love.
Plus, enjoy all the rewards along the way.


Get to know more about your finances with Vitality Money. Learn what it takes to get financially healthier.


Change your money habits with easy to use tools, personalised money goals and real-time tracking on the Discovery Bank app.


Unlock and improve your Vitality Money status to enjoy incredible cash back and rewards.

Gain valuable insights into your finances and get your Vitality Money   status

Tell us a bit more about you and your money through the Vitality Money Assessment.
Your Vitality Money status is made up of your personal score in five key areas:

5 controllable financial behaviours

Changing five simple money behaviours can have a massive impact on financial health. These five behaviours are:

Spending less than you earn
Saving regularly
Paying off your property
Investing for the long-term
Making sure you are protected against insurable events

If these behaviours are left unmanaged, they can lead to people being exposed to three risks that lead to 80% of the reasons why individuals do not meet their financial obligations. These three risks are:

Having an unaffordable level of debt,
Being exposed to unexpected expenses or loss of income, and
Inefficient income in retirement.
Your Vitality Money status   is based on how you manage these 5 financial behaviours

Let's get financially healthier and improve   your Vitality Money status, together

We'll work with you to help you improve your Vitality Money points and status. You'll get personal money goals that are based on your unique financial profile. Through your personal money goals, you can improve your financial knowledge, work towards increasing your savings, and track your progress easily.

Set up a customised Spend Manager

(coming soon)

Track your goals and progress

Get your Vitality Retirement Age

Get a personalised Debt Repayment Plan

Improve your money management skills through online training

Learn about your investment risk profile

Bank healthier with Vitality Money and get rewarded  

We've designed rewards that are good for you. Change your money habits, get financially healthier and enjoy brilliant rewards.
The better your Vitality Money status, the better your rewards.

Save more. Pay Less.
It's Dynamic Interest Rates.

For the first time, you can control your interest rates by improving your Vitality Money status. Enjoy better interest rates on your savings, and pay less interest on credit as you manage your money better. Pay up to 6% less on your credit and get up to 5.5% interest on your demand savings and up to 4.5% on the money in your everyday accounts, as you improve your status.


Spend responsibly and get rewarded with Vitality Active Rewards

Join Vitality Active Rewards to earn a play on the gameboard and a chance to earn more Discovery Miles than ever before by achieving each of your weekly health, drive and money goals.

Download the latest version of the Discovery app to get started.

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