Get rewarded for managing your money well with Vitality Money

As a shared-value bank, Discovery Bank is designed to share the value you create by managing your money well back with you through unprecedented interest rates and rewards.

We do this through Vitality Money. The better you do, the higher your Vitality Money status and the better your rewards. With Vitality Money, you can improve your Dynamic Interest Rates and increase your dynamic lifestyle and travel rewards. Plus, earn Discovery Miles for becoming financially healthier.

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The Vitality Money behaviours

When you join Discovery Bank, we'll help you review your financial health based on five key financial behaviours:

Having enough savings

Managing short-term debt

Having the right types of insurance

Being on track for retirement

Managing property investments

Your Vitality Money status

How to measure your financial health

Vitality Money is not about measuring how much money you make, but how you use the money you have to build financial independence and resilience in the long term.
Measuring your financial health

How to improve your Vitality Money status

Your Vitality Money status is directly linked to the rewards you earn. The higher your status, the better your rewards. That's why you have access to premium financial education and tools to help you master your financial behaviour, improve your Vitality Money status and become financially stronger.

Take control of your rewards by managing your money well

We believe that rewards are personal and that they need to match how well you manage your finances for the future. That's why you control your personalised shared-value stack of rewards. Manage your money better, improve your Vitality Money status, and get better rewards.

Here are the rewards you can earn with Discovery Bank and Vitality Money:

Dynamic lifestyle rewards

HealthyFood and HealthyCare rewards

Up to   75%

back on HealthyFood items at Pick n Pay or Woolworths

Up to   50%

back on HealthyCare items at Clicks or Dis-Chem

Go everywhere with Vitality Travel

Between 10% and 75%

off local flights

Between 10% and 75%

off an international flight with British Airways, Emirates and Qantas

Between 10% and 25%

off accommodation

Between 10% and 25%

off on car hire

Up to 20%

back in Discovery Miles on your fuel spend and Uber rides

Up to 15%

off your next trip (coming soon)

–iscovery Miles

–iscovery Miles is our rewards currency that you can earn for getting healthier, driving well and spending responsibly. Spend your –iscovery Miles just about anywhere. Plus, get up to 15% off at our –iscovery Miles partners, and on prepaid products and services in the Discovery Bank app. And on Miles –-Day, we double your –iscovery Miles discount so you can save between 10% and 30% at in-store and online retail partners, for 24 hours on the 15th of every month.

Earn thousands of –iscovery Miles every week with Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Active Rewards encourages and rewards you for living well. The more Exercise, Drive and Spend goals you achieve, the more –iscovery Miles you get back.


Get rewarded

Choose between an instant reward when you achieve your goals or wait to play your gameboard on Rewards Wednesday for a chance to earn thousands of –iscovery Miles every week.

Choose an instant reward


Play the gameboard on

Dynamic Interest Rates

Wouldn't it be great if your bank gave you better interest rates when you manage your money well?

Discovery Bank does just that! Now, for the first time, you're in control with Dynamic Interest Rates. Improve your Vitality Money status and you can improve your interest rates to save more and pay less.

Up to 3.5% interest on your positive balances in your everyday accounts.

Up to 4.25% interest on demand savings accounts.

Up to 7% less on your optional single credit facility.

Take control of your money with the Vitality Money Financial Analyser

Our Vitality Money Financial Analyser can help you improve your spending. Through advanced analytics, we can create budgets for you based on your spend trends or you can create your own. You can also set spend alerts and see when you're overspending. Plus, you get rewarded for managing your money well.

More on Vitality Money Financial Analyser

Why Vitality Money?

Discovery has done the research, and it boils down to this:

We as individuals and as a nation need to change how we manage our money. Reducing our levels of debt and creating a savings culture in South Africa are major socioeconomic challenges we all face.

Despite the complexity of these challenges, the good news is that each one of us can address them by making simple behaviour changes. This is why we created the Vitality Money programme.

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