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Access a wide range of investment opportunities

Choose from a wide range of unit trust funds managed by leading local and international asset managers, and all available through a single, efficient entry point.

Our investment plans are designed to meet your needs and reward you for investing wisely, so together with your financial adviser, you can choose one that best aligns to your unique investment strategy and risk profile.

Choose which funds to invest your money into

Discovery Funds

You can invest in Discovery funds where our investment managers pick the right blend of asset classes to help you reach your investment goals. Our funds are uniquely designed to ensure you to get what you want from your investment. Fund selection should be discussed with your financial adviser.

Discovery funds


Global investment choices

Our offshore fund range includes world-leading investment management firms with a range of fund management styles to ensure that all your investment needs are looked after. For global investment choices available to you, speak to your financial adviser.

Cogence portfolios

Cogence offers a range of local risk-profiled, multi-asset solutions to meet your needs. The portfolios constitute of a blend of active and passive products and will have exposure to multiple asset classes. BlackRock advises on the global fund selection of these portfolios, leveraging their worldwide capabilities to choose from some of the best investment opportunities in the world. RisCura selects funds on the local front using their leading research, due diligence capabilities and on-the-ground experience.

Cogence portfolios


External Investment Funds

To give you the best chance of reaching your investment goals, we have also partnered with industry-leading companies to help you diversify your investment across various investment managers.

External funds

Use our tools to learn more

Before you decide which funds to invest in, it's important to understand your level of risk and how different funds and markets are performing. You can use the tools below, together with the guidance of a financial adviser, to make your fund choice easier.

Market indicators

Keep up to date with the latest local and international market performance.


Risk portrait

Calculate your risk profile to determine the level of investment risk you are comfortable with.


Fund fact sheet

View our interactive fund fact sheets for in-depth analysis of how different funds are performing.


Fund commentary

Read the latest views and fund commentary from our leading asset managers.



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