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Get rewarded for taking proactive steps to manage your money and your health

We encourage and reward you for investing longer and more, living well and withdrawing wisely. We have a diverse range of investment plans that can help you invest towards your retirement and other shorter-term or medium-term goals. Our investment opportunities extend across local and offshore investments. No matter what you are saving for, we can help you get there.

Are you saving towards your retirement?

We can help you get the retirement you aspire to when you invest in our Retirement Plans.

You can get up to 20% more money for retirement when you invest in our lump-sum Retirement Annuity.

The Discovery Retirement Optimiser provides you with a lump-sum enhancement to your savings, as well as immediate fee discounts and long-term fee refunds.

Plans for saving towards retirement:

Are you in retirement or planning to retire?

Our Retirement Income Plans make it possible for you to secure a steady income and embrace the freedom that retirement brings.

With our Living Annuity, we reward you for withdrawing wisely and for living healthily in retirement with up to 50% extra retirement income, for life.

The Secured Capital Annuity offers guaranteed income in retirement, and the ability to leave a capital legacy to your loved ones through life cover.

Our Fixed Annuity gives you the certainty of knowing what your income will be throughout retirement and that you'll have an income for the rest of your life.

A plan to withdraw your income in retirement:

Have you changed jobs? Preserve your retirement savings

You have a better chance of achieving your retirement aspirations when you don't cash in your retirement savings when changing jobs.

We can increase your retirement savings by up to 20% when you invest in our Preserver Plans.

A plan to invest your retirement savings when changing jobs:

Other savings? Do you want a head start with your investment and grow your money faster?

We offer investment opportunities no matter how long you want to save for. With our Flexible Investment Plans you can get fee discounts of up to 100% for living well and investing longer. Our Endowment Plans can give you a boost of up to 20% on your initial lump-sum investment.

Our range of short-term and long-term investment plans:

Do you want a guaranteed return or income on your investment?

Our Guaranteed Return Plans give you peace of mind from knowing exactly what your investment will be worth after five years. You also get access to guaranteed returns that aim to beat the market.

With our Guaranteed Growth Plan you can get a guaranteed investment value at the end of your five-year investment term. Our Guaranteed Income Plan gives you a guaranteed regular income on your investment for five years.

A plan to guarantee your returns or your income:

Are you looking for an offshore investment?

Aim to diversify your investment portfolio by including a portion that you invest offshore. Consider investing in US dollars, British pounds or euros with our Global Investment Plans.

Invest in offshore markets and currencies:

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