Business Assurance from Discovery

You've worked hard to ensure the success of your business. Now, Discovery is here to protect it. Discovery's Business Life Plan allows you to select cover for disability, severe illness and death, through a range of comprehensive benefits, ensuring that your business is protected.

Our enhanced Business Life Plan provides cost-effective cover that is tailored to specific business needs, while rewarding you for staying healthy. Our unique approach aligns the interests of the business, the insurer, the owner and the life assured - providing personalised protection for you and your business, helping you to grow and protect your legacy.

Benefits you can enjoy on the Business Life Plan:

Get more value with the PayBack benefit

This benefit provides five-yearly payouts of up to 50% of your qualifying premiums to reward you for leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you can qualify for a guaranteed PayBack of up to 15% for the first 10 years of the policy.

Increase your cover with no additional underwriting

The Business Vitality Fund provides you with up to 20% additional life and disability cover upfront at no initial premium for three years, with the ability to lock in a premium discount of up to 15% until benefit expiry based on your engagement with Vitality.

Tailored Protection to suit your business assurance needs

Select from a range of benefits including the Capital Disability, Severe Illness and Overhead Expenses Benefits.

Term or whole-of-life coverage

You are able to select a policy term that best meets your business assurance needs.

Protecting your business, rewarding your health

Get an upfront premium discount of up to 42% by linking your Business Life Plan to your other Discovery products through Integration and control your future premium adjustments by managing your health and financial wellness.

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