Discovery Life's Business Life Plan

You've worked hard to ensure the success of your business, but do you have enough business insurance be assured of its prosperity going forward?

With Discovery Life's Business Life Plan, you can protect your investment with a revolutionary approach to business insurance.

How? The Business Life Plan allows you to select cover for disability, severe illness and death, through a range of comprehensive benefits, ensuring that your business is protected.

You can also qualify for a 50% discount on lump-sum disability cover for the first three years of your policy.

Choose the insurance to suit your business

Loss of skills and expertise

Key-person cover protects your business against the loss of your skills and expertise.

Transfer of ownership

Buy-and-sell agreements ensure the seamless transfer of ownership of your business.

Outstanding business loans

Contingent liability insurance covers any outstanding business loans you may be standing surety for.

The Business Life Plan provides value even if you don't claim

Aside from getting business insurance to protect the financial wellness of your business with customised benefits, you'll also be rewarded for taking good care of your health.

Enjoy an upfront premium discount of up to 28%
If you link your Discovery Life Business Life Plan to your other Discovery products through Integration, you can enjoy an upfront premium discount of up to 28%. You'll also have the ability to control your future premium adjustments by improving and managing your health and wellness and driving well.

Receive regular payouts based on your health and wellness
You may also qualify for the Principal PayBack Fund, a benefit exclusive to Discovery Life's business insurance. The initial value of the fund is set at up to 200 times your initial monthly life cover premium. The fund is adjusted annually, based on how well you manage your health and wellness, with a portion being paid to you every five years. In this way good health brings financial rewards - the more your fund grows, the larger your payouts become.

Discovery Life Limited is a registered long-term insurer and an authorised financial services provider. Registration number 1966/003901/06.
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