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Discovery Bank is designed to share the value that you create by managing your money well back with you through unprecedented interest rates and rewards. Banking has stayed the same for hundreds of years. Imagine there was a bank that believed:

It's not about how much you earn but how well you manage what you earn.


You should be able to bank anywhere and at any time with a bank branch in the palm of your hand. Sign up in minutes, add new accounts, enjoy contactless payments, and much more.


Banking is about your financial wellbeing and building a community of people who manage their money well - making a meaningful impact in society.

This is our shared-value banking model

As you manage your money well, you create less risk and more value which we share back with you through improved interest rates and rewards.

It's simple, we believe that we'll do well when our clients do well, and society will benefit too. It's a win-win-win.

Diagram explaining how shared value banking impacts clients Discovery Bank and our society

Read our white paper on The application of shared value in banking today to understand more about shared-value banking.

Your shared-value stack of rewards

Based on the product you choose, and your Vitality Money status - you'll unlock your own personal stack of shared-value rewards. You can use our interactive shared-value stack tool to see the value you could get with Discovery Bank.

See your personalised shared-value stack now

A stack of shared-value rewards and personalised interest rates and banking features available to you

How to unlock your personalised shared-value rewards stack

Vitality Money - unlocking your banking value

To truly take advantage of shared-value banking, you need to unlock the power of Vitality Money, our powerful programme designed for everyone!

If you manage your money well, you deserve to be rewarded for it. With Vitality Money you will! If you think you can improve your money management - Vitality Money will guide you and give you the tools to know where to focus, with rewards along the way.

Learn more about Vitality Money rewards

You have access to all this and much more - like 24/7 access to our smart, intuitive, state-of-the-art banking app.

And if you need to speak to a banker, we've got you covered too.

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