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This is our shared-value banking model

As you manage your money well, you create less risk and more value for your bank. We share this value back with you through improved interest rates and rewards through our powerful Vitality Money programme. We believe that when our clients do well, we do well and society benefits too. In fact, our shared-value banking model is so powerful, it made it to Fortune's Change the World list.

Value for clients

Actively engage with the Vitality Money programme to learn how you can better manage your money and improve five key financial behaviours that make up your overall financial health. Plus, you get to experience better value, better benefits and exceptional service along the way


Value for the Bank

As you engage more with Vitality Money and improve your usage of our products, deposits increase and defaults go down, which means you become a lower risk for the Bank and create more value. This value we share back with you through improved interest rates and rewards.


Value for your society

By becoming more financially healthy, you help build a more financially resilient society - a community that has more disposable income, more long-term savings, and one which is less reliant on family and the country.


Your shared-value stack of rewards

Based on the product you choose, and your Vitality Money status - you'll unlock your own personal stack of shared-value rewards.


You can also use our interactive shared-value stack tool to see the value you could get with Discovery Bank based on your individual portfolio.

personalise your stack


The Future of Banking. Now.

A future where your bank believes...

Anyone can be financially resilient and improve their money management. It is not about how much you earn, but how well you manage what you earn.

You should be able to bank anywhere, at any time - with convenient access to tools, knowledge and support to help you make better financial decisions.

You should be rewarded for your positive financial changes with rewards and benefits equal to the effort you put into your financial wellbeing.

Banking is about building a community of people who are managing their money well and making a meaningful impact in society.

With the Future of Banking, you can enjoy

Best rated banking app
in South Africa

All of this is brought together simply, elegantly and seamlessly in the palm of your hand, powered by the Discovery Bank app. And if you need to speak to a banker, we've got you covered too - 24/7/365.

Go to your favourite app store to download the Discovery Bank app.

More about Shared Value Banking

News and updates

We consistently drive innovation through our outstanding features and services, exceptional user interface, and seamless integration with various internal and external platforms.

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates through our news channels.


Awards and recognition

We're humbled by awards we've received. These awards are a testament to the continuous innovation and value that Discovery Bank offers our clients.


Our banking app was voted #1 digital banking app by the public at the 2023 MTN Business App of the Year Awards.


The Best New Digital Bank in SA as recognised by the Global Banking and Finance review.


For the second year in a row, Discovery Bank was voted number one in in the 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Orange Index, recognising service excellence.


MyBroadband recognises Discovery Bank as the Best Digital Bank of the Year 2023 for outstanding features, services, usability and integration.


The number one digital banking app based on ratings in SA app stores.


The only organisation in SA recognised by Fortune Magazine in their Change the World list.

Don't just take our word for it.

Curious what the Banking experience is like? Hear it directly from our customers.

The wait is over

"After a long, long, long wait I finally joined Discovery Bank. It has been a seamless transition. Absolutely loving the ease of use and the Vitality integration"

Great savings

"A great deal to save on your prepaid electricity! 15% off goes a long way each month! #discoverybank #discoverymiles"

Best bank with great benefits

"Since I have joined Discovery Bank, I have been totally satisfied. Everything they promised is what they deliver."

Discovery Bank Gold Transaction Account

"So far I find it very easy and fluent to use this bank! I have their Gold Cheque Account."

Incredible service and friendly staff

"I cannot recommend this bank enough. Fabulous service and friendly staff! I feel secure and I feel that my money is safe. The card is super pretty too!"

Great service

"Great service. I applied for my card last week Tuesday, received it Friday."

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