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We've put together a comprehensive and insightful offshore investment info hub to help you make more informed financial choices - and get the most out of your hard-earned money. Don't miss out on the world of opportunities that offshore investing has to offer: empower yourself by learning why - and how - global investing done right can help you achieve the financial future you dream of. Scroll on – opportunity awaits!

Investor education: Understanding offshore


Until recently, the costs, paperwork and minimums required to invest globally meant that only elite investors could access investment opportunities outside of South Africa. However, technological advances have now levelled the playing field, so more investors than ever before have direct access to a wide range of global investment solutions. Educate yourself with essential background knowledge by following this successive series on why and how to invest offshore.

Why invest offshore

Wondering if offshore investing is something you should prioritise? Learn about fundamental principles, compelling reasons to go offshore, local markets and global considerations as we unpack the value and benefits of investing abroad.


How to invest offshore

Convinced on the ‘why’ and want help on the how? Find practical guidance on investing offshore – including when to access global markets, how to structure your investments, and the pros and cons of different offshore investment solutions.


Podcast series: Global Investing, done right


You may be convinced you need to invest more offshore, but how do you do it in a way best suited to your particular needs and dilemmas? This podcast series focuses on how to get it right – from timing it well to asking the right questions and making smart decisions.

Ep 1

“The extent to which you ask the right questions and implement the right solutions will determine the amount of financial freedom you have in your life,” says independent wealth specialist David Joshua. The author of The South African's Guide to Global Investing joins Bruce in Episode 1 to discuss how you can harness the key principles of global investing.

Ep 2

“When people decide to invest offshore, they’re often torn about when to make the move.” Time and timing are powerful variables in the world of investing, so in Episode 2, we focus on getting them right. Our guests are Steven Amey, Head of Specialist Invest Services at Discovery, and Lindsay Bateman, Director of Business Development at Brooks MacDonald International.

Ep 3

“A few key decisions when investing offshore can have a significant impact on your returns. Some choices may not weigh as much as you think, while others can come back to bite you!” Talking through some of the most common investing dilemmas is Craig Sher, Head of Research and Development at Discovery Invest and Discovery’s Head of Legal Services, Harry Joffe.

Ep 4

“One thing’s for sure: there are compelling reasons for the majority of investors to invest more offshore.” To wrap up this series, we turn to industry leaders Kenny Rabson, the CEO of Discovery Invest, and Nazmeera Moola, Head of SA investments at Ninety One for their perspectives on what South Africans should prioritise to get global investing right.

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Discovery perspectives: In the news


Discovery Invest’s unique global investment solution has made waves with its innovative exchange rate enhancer and associations with the world’s top asset managers. Here’s a collection of perspectives from thought leaders in offshore investing.

COMING SOON! Discovery videos


Ever wonder how different decisions, like timing and structure, can impact the risk, liquidity, and outcome of your investments? Keep an eye out for insightful case studies and explainers that unpack how key offshore investing principles play out in practice.

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