Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking

Virtual lab tour

What is the stem cell banking offer?

In a unique offering, we have been able to arrange an exclusive offer for Discovery Health Medical Scheme members with Next Biosciences - Africa's leading Biotech Company that combines medicine, science and technology to create innovative products and services, enabling you to invest in your future health.


Netcells, Next Biosciences' umbilical cord stem cell banking service, gives expectant parents the opportunity to collect their new born baby's umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells and cryogenically store them for potential future medical use.

The benefits to members

Members of selected schemes administered by Discovery Health can get up to 20% off the stem cell banking fee when they register to store their baby's stem cells with Netcells. The discount applies to the Netcells banking fee and the amount depends on the payment plan you choose:

Netcells offers flexible storage options and interest-free payment plans allowing you to tailor-make a plan to suit your needs.


Discount on payment upon registration


Discount on payment on stem cells being successfully banked


Discount on payment on a payment plan

Virtual lab tour

Book a virtual lab tour, a one-on-one consultation with one of the Netcells medical team or view our next Lab Open Day.

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The expenses related to stem cell banking will not be covered by your scheme. The cash discount that is offered is passed directly on to you and is not paid from your health plan benefits.

You can make use of the below calculator to obtain a cost estimate for your stem cell banking

Stem Cells Banking Pricing Calculator

How to register and what happens after I register?

It is advisable to register with Netcells well in advance so that you can have your collection kit delivered in good time for the birth.


Contact Next Biosciences directly to register.

Call:(011) 697 2900



For more information about umbilical cord stem cell banking, please contact Netcells directly or visit their website.

After registering

Once your registration and confirmation of initial payment is received, an arrangement will be made to get a Netcells collection kit to you. You must take the collection kit box to the birth of your baby so that the obstetrician or midwife can collect the stem cells after your baby has been delivered.

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