Cancer treatment

If you’re diagnosed with cancer and once we have approved your cancer treatment, you are covered by the Oncology Programme. We do not limit your cancer treatment costs. We cover the first part of your approved cancer treatment over a 12-month cycle in full.

On Executive and Comprehensive plans we cover the first R400 000 and on Priority, Saver, Smart and Core plans we cover the first R200 000. If your treatment costs more than the cover amount, you will need to pay 20% of the additional costs. Cancer treatment that is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB), is always covered in full if you use service providers who we have an agreement with. For KeyCare plans we cover cancer treatment, if it is a PMB, in our network or a state facility. If you choose to use any other provider, we will only cover 80% of the Discovery Health Rate (DHR). All cancer-related health care services are covered up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate (DHR). You might have a co-payment if your health care professional charges above this rate.

You need to register on the oncology programme

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to register on the Oncology Programme.

In order to register, you or your treating doctor must send us a copy of your laboratory results confirming your diagnosis and treatment plan.


Advanced Illness Benefit

Members with cancer have access to a comprehensive palliative care programme. This programme offers unlimited cover for approved care at home.

Compassionate Care Benefit

The Compassionate Care Benefit gives you access to holistic home-based end-of-life care up to a set amount dependant on your plan for each person in their lifetime.

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