Complete protection for your children

We cover your children's education fees if you die, become ill or disabled. The Global Education Protector from Discovery Life helps to pay for children's education from crèche to university, locally or abroad.

Fund up to 100% of your children's tertiary education fees by leading a healthy lifestyle.

When you lead a healthy lifestyle with Vitality and don't claim, you can get up to 100% of your children's tertiary fees funded. The percentage is based on your children's age when you take out the policy and the benefit option you choose.

Options on the Global Education Protector

  Core Private Dollar
Location of education institutions Local Local (and overseas universities on the Prestigious Universities List) International
Tuition and residence* fee maximum (depending on phase of education) R15,573 to R61,719 a year R61,403 to R191,885 a year $6,220 to $31,020 a year
Additional yearly discretionary lump sum, providing holistic protection R7,786 to R15,430 a year R15,351 to R38,574 a year $1,880 to $9,940 a year
Cover for attending a university on Discovery's Prestigious Universities List, including residence fees Up to local tertiary education maximums Up to $77,780 for tuition

*Up to R46,289 for residence
Up to $96,410 a year
Cash-back rewards for bursaries while we're paying fees Value of bursary up to Core maximums Value of bursary up to Private maximums Value of bursary up to Dollar maximums
University Funder Benefit, which helps to fund tertiary tuition fees, even if a client does not claim** 5% is automatically funded upfront, with the ability to get up to 50% of a local degree or diploma funded 10% is automatically funded upfront, with the ability to get up to 100% of a local degree or diploma funded 10% is automatically funded upfront, with the ability to get up to 100% of an international degree or diploma funded

* Residence fees are only covered for tertiary education.

** This benefit pays out up to the limits Discovery sets.

Under the Dollar option, we always pay the maximum amount for each phase of education. The client can use any amount remaining after the fees have been paid as they see fit.

The Child Protector Benefit

Limited local insurance coverage combined with the high costs of medical treatments at international centres of excellence, create hurdles to accessing the treatment your children need. The Child Protector Benefit from Discovery Life offers world-leading protection that covers relevant severe illnesses, including boosted payouts if they require treatment overseas and 100% payouts for all child cancers, comprehensive sports disability and trauma coverage and a unique funeral benefit. With this benefit, you can rest assured that your children can access the most advanced care globally.

Holistically protect your children against the impact of relevant severe illnesses and disabilities

Market-leading protection

Severe illness payouts of between 5% and 100% for conditions in all major body systems. This includes a 100% payout for all child cancers.


Protection for an extensive list of trauma events, from burns to bone fractures, ICU admissions, and more.


Automatic funeral benefit of up to R30 000, at no additional premium.

Globally relevant

Up to 2.5 times the insured amount to access the most advanced medical care with the Global Treatment Benefit.


Cancer Exome Sequencing Benefit of up to R35 000 on the Purple Life Plan.

Highest cover

To facilitate access to the most appropriate treatment including international centres of excellence, the Child Protector Benefit provides cover of up to R6.4 million with the Global Treatment Benefit, some of the highest in the world based on a Global study on Child Protection Benefits by SCOR.

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