How to claim

We pride ourselves on our hassle-free claiming process. We offer a number of convenient ways to start your claim.

If you are in an emergency situation, call Discovery 911 immediately on
0860 999 911.

How to initiate a claim

Use the Discovery app

Use the Discovery app to take photos of an accident scene, capture the details of the other driver and witnesses after an accident and send it to us to start your claim.

Auto Claims

Submit your geyser, vehicle glass, cellphone and electronic equipment claims to our automated claims agent online or on the Discovery app to have your claims approved within minutes.

Log in to our website

Once you have logged in and started your claim, a skilled claims adviser will contact you to continue the claims process.

Speak to your financial adviser

Submit your claim through your financial adviser. Simply contact them and they'll take you through the claims process.

Call Us

Call us on 0860 751 751 to get your claim started.

Follow up on your claim

View the progress of your claims

If you have a claim, you'll be able to view its progress online with ClaimsView.

Fast Track claims

Fast Track your approved, specified electronic portable possession claim and we'll replace the lost or stolen item within 48 hours. This service is available nationwide. We like to keep our promises so if we don't deliver your item in time, we will waive the excess on your claim. Call us on 0860 751 751.

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Please click here to login into Discovery Digital Id