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Health checks and assessments

Vitality has put together a series of assessments to give you a better understanding of your health and show you the steps to improve it. The assessments include the Vitality Health Check, the Vitality Fitness Assessment as well as The Vitality Age assessments.

How old are you really? See how healthy you are relative to your actual age by finding out your Vitality Age.


Do a Vitality Health Check

Do a Vitality Health Check at any Discovery Store, or accredited Vitality Wellness Centre, Vitality Wellness Network pharmacy or Discovery Wellness days

You can also conveniently book an appointment online.

The number of Vitality points you can earn for simply completing a Vitality Health Check will double to 5,000 Vitality points. We will also award you additional Vitality points for having 2 or more metrics in range, provided no results are classified as high risk, up to the same maximum of 22,500 points for a Vitality Health Check. If any of your results are high risk, you will still earn the base amount of 5,000 Vitality points

  • Blood
  • Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Weight
  • Non-smoker's


Once you (and your family) have done a Vitality Health Check you may have access to the WELLTH Fund brought to you by Discovery Health Medical Scheme. The WELLTH Fund is a new benefit available to members of Discovery Health Medical Scheme and is designed to cover you for a range of important check-ups and other healthcare services that may be appropriate for you following your Vitality Health Check results. This benefit is available once all members on the membership have completed a Vitality Health Check and children 2 years and older have an option to complete the Kids Vitality Health Check or the Kids Vitality Health Review.

Once everyone on the membership has completed their Vitality Health Check, your WELLTH Fund will be unlocked.

The Fund covers a range of healthcare services focused on preventive care such as dental check-ups, mental health check-ups, men's and women's health check-ups, and certain medical monitoring devices.

This benefit is offered over and above the services covered by the Screening and Prevention Benefit. Click here for more information on this benefit cover and to view your WELLTH Fund dashboard.

Do further health checks at a GP or specialist and earn Vitality Health points based on your age and gender.

  • Pap smear
    2 500 points
  • Mammogram
    2 500 points
  • Colonoscopy
    2 500 points
  • Glaucoma Screening
    2 500 points
  • HIV test
    1 000 points
  • Dental health check
    1 000 points
  • Flu vaccination
    1 000 points
  • Points activities for seniors up to
    2 500 points

Vitality members will earn 7 500 Vitality points for the first HIV screening then 1000 points for subsequent tests per year. Senior Vitality members (60 years and older) get additional points for doing a vision test, having certain vaccinations and activating Vitality Active Rewards.

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