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I’ve activated Vitality but I haven’t received my membership card.

You will not receive a Vitality membership card as you do not need one. Please use your Discovery membership number or ID number when required to activate a Vitality benefit.

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How much does my Vitality membership cost?

How much do I pay for my Vitality membership?
We've outlined in the table below the different costs for Vitality membership for 2021. You can see what a single member will pay versus what a member with dependants will pay.

Membership type Costs
Single member R290
Member + 1 R355
Member + 2 R410

All costs are inclusive of VAT.

How will the partners know that I’m a Vitality member, and do I need cards at these partners?

Some partners require you to use a partner loyalty card, tag, access device or unique code in order to get your Vitality benefit. These will be provided to once you activate the benefit. These partners include.

  • Pick n Pay, Woolworths (HealthyFood)
  • Clicks, Dis-Chem (HealthyCare)
  • Sportsmans Warehouse, Totalsports (HealthyGear)
  • Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Curves (Health clubs)
  • Ster-Kinekor
  • Toys R Us (Vitality Baby)

We will send you a Pick ‘n Pay HealthyFood card for Pick n Pay and a HealthyGear card for Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports. Your unique code to use at Toys R Us will be SMS’d to you, and can be found on the website. All other cards will be supplied to you by the relevant partner. We will let you know how to get and use each of these partner loyalty cards when you activate each benefit on the website.

Please note:Please note: If you have a Discovery Card, you do not require a HealthyFood card for Pick n Pay. You can use your Discovery Card as your HealthyFood identifier.

By activating this benefit, you agree to the limits, terms and conditions and that Discovery Vitality (Pty) Limited, their partner network and third parties associated with the benefit may share members payment and personal information as well as transaction data to administer the benefit effectively.

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