Funds you can invest in

Choosing an investment fund

We understand that everyone has their own personal needs and requirements. Some people are risk-averse, while others are willing to accept more risk for higher rewards. We give clients the freedom to choose from top local and international funds, managed by leading fund managers. We provide investment solutions for every individual, regardless of their choice of investments, thanks to our wide range of investment funds.

Discovery funds

We have chosen world-class investment managers to partner with to meet your needs, and we have a fund range designed to meet your unique objectives and match your attitude towards risk. Our funds deliver high levels of protection, and cater to higher risk profiles. Our funds range across all asset classes and are managed in such a way as to provide you with investment opportunities that offer the greatest degree of flexibility.

External investment funds

We want to give you the best possible options to ensure your investments perform well, and have partnered with some prestigious companies to allow you to choose funds that perform exceptionally well.

Speak to your financial adviser to compare the various funds and to choose those that are optimal to your risk profile.

Offshore investment funds

We have given you a larger degree of flexibility around fund choice in our offshore fund range. This includes leading asset management firms with a range of different fund management styles to ensures that all your investment needs are looked after.

Speak to your financial adviser to compare your risk profile to the various funds and to choose those that are optimal to you.

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