Reasons to use the Healthcare Professional Zone

The Healthcare Professional Zone (HP Zone) is for healthcare professionals. It provides 24/7 access to tools to help you manage your practice as well as access to important patient information to facilitate coordination of patient care.


Online tools

Once you have registered as a Healthcare professional, the HP Zone gives you access to the following convenient online tools:

Access to information under the POPI Act

We have made changes to our identification and validation process to comply with the POPI Act. Here are some helpful resources to ensure your practice is compliant.

Discovery Hospital at Home

Did you know that you can treat your patients in the comfort of their home? With 24/7 clinical oversight, remote monitoring as well as hospital-level care and diagnostics.

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Your patients will have access to a once-off, additional risk benefit called the WELLTH Fund, offering up to R10 000 per family to empower them to understand and address their personal healthcare needs.

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Discovery ProPBM for pharmacies

Discovery ProPBM is Discovery Health's own pharmacy and benefit management system.

Discovery HealthID

HealthID provides you with a more complete view of your patient's health history and test results. This improves patient care and reduces the likelihood of serious medical errors and duplicate or unnecessary pathology tests.

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Find a healthcare professional

The Find a healthcare professional tool allows you to search for healthcare professionals in our networks to help your patients get the best care.

Medical provider search

Business insurance for healthcare professionals

Get comprehensive, market-leading insurance that is tailored to the needs of your practice, including cover for newly-emerging risks.


Digital Mental Health

Your patients aged 18 or older can access Discovery Health's Digital Therapeutics (DTx) benefit for mild to moderate depression. This internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) course is clinically validated, evidence-based based, and convenient, available through the Discovery Health app.


Continuing Professional Development

Discovery Health in partnership with MyCPD provides the Continued Professional Development (CPD) service for free at healthcare conferences and talks. We also provide attendees with an electronic certificate which they can download and keep for their records as proof that they were there.

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