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HealthID is Discovery Health's digital healthcare technology that provides an overview of your patients' health records and enables the seamless delivery of patient care. HealthID adds a new digital dimension to healthcare services and is an innovative care platform connecting healthcare professionals with their patients anytime and anywhere. You and your patients can track and improve the healthcare journey to ensure better clinical outcomes. Manage your appointments through the sleek booking functionality and consult virtually with your patients using the platform's advanced video capability.

What HealthID allows you to do

HealthID provides you with digital access to a complete view of your patient's health history and clinical test results. E-scripting and referrals through HealthID increase practice efficiency and provide patient convenience. Reduce administrative burden by completing Chronic Illness Benefit applications on the platform and access formulary lists at your fingertips.

You can access you patients' Electronic Health Record, to:

  • View your patients' data and details of their previous doctor and hospital visits
  • View previously prescribed medicines and blood test results (Please note: blood test results will only be available in the next phase)
  • View your patients' health measures, for example, body mass index and blood pressure.


HealthID support for healthcare professionals and practice managers

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