Discovery Wellness

Comprehensive employee health and wellness screening

Discovery Wellness classifies employees according to their health and wellbeing. Relevant interventions are proactively triggered and dynamically adjusted on an ongoing basis, depending on the employees’ engagement. Insights are provided to help employees understand their risks and improve their wellbeing.

Screening your employees

Each employee will have access to the Discovery Wellness Experience every year, at no additional charge to the employer or employee. The screening includes risk assessments across physical, emotional and financial wellbeing and will contribute to a comprehensive health and wellbeing profile of the employee.

Wellness Specialists

Importantly, employees will have a one-on-one consultation with a wellness specialist immediately after the screening. The wellness specialist will explain the results of the screening, including how these have changed compared to the previous screening, discuss the impact of lifestyle risk factors and engage with your employee on how they can address their individual health risks.

Discovery Executive Wellness

In addition to the Discovery Wellness Experience and Wellness Day, we offer the Discovery Executive Wellness. Discovery Executive Wellness is a personalised experience available to executive management, that provides executives with support in all areas of mental and physical well-being, through a team of highly qualified experts with access to the latest health and wellness technology.

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