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Creating a nation of better drivers is at the heart of Discovery Insure so, we are introducing state-of-the-art driving simulators at the Discovery Driving Academy at 1 Discovery Place. The simulators will teach new drivers the basics of driving in a safe environment and will refresh the skills of experienced drivers.

The driving simulators give first-time and experienced drivers real-world experiences by placing the driver in an artificial environment which is made to mimic scenarios that the driver is likely to encounter on the road. The simulator itself mimics a real car and includes an accelerator, brake, clutch, gearbox, indicators and windscreen wipers.

Types of Courses

The first time behind the wheel of a motor vehicle can be intimidating as one has to be aware of the various control mechanisms of the vehicle, their driving behaviour, other vehicles and road, traffic and environmental conditions.

The Licence Prep course teaches first-time drivers the fundamentals of driving by providing them with real-world driving experiences. This allows new drivers to increase their confidence and helps to reduce their accident risk as they learn to anticipate, prepare for and handle unpredictable and hazardous driving conditions and react in a safe and controlled way, without putting themselves or others at risk.

In addition, first-time drivers get a 15% vehicle premium discount when they join Discovery Insure and Vitality Drive after passing their Licence Prep simulator course and driver's licence test.

An understanding of the three pedals found in a vehicle

How to use a gear lever on a manual or automatic transmission

Steering wheel technique

The course comprises of 5 lessons. Each lesson comprises of practical sessions and discussions with the instructor. Each lesson is an hour long, allowing new drivers enough time to learn, practice and retain new skills.

  • The fundamentals of driving
  • Pulling off and changing gears smoothly without stalling
  • Driving on different types of roads
  • Driving in light to heavy traffic
  • Driving at all times during the day
  • Driving in rain, fog, mist and other weather conditions
  • Combinations of the above scenarios so that drivers get a comprehensive driving experience

This course is for those with a driver's licence who wish to refresh their skills and learn defensive driving techniques. Vitality Drive clients who complete and pass the Refresher course will earn 150 Vitality Drive points every month for 12 months.

The Refresher course consists of a 2 hour session that the driver can complete in one day.

  • Allows the driver to raise any concerns they may have in terms of their driving skills.
  • Defensive driving techniques and applications to everyday driving scenarios, including observation skills, ensuring the correct following and stopping distances as well as speed control.
  • Driving in different types of road, traffic and weather conditions in order to apply skills learnt.
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Need to know
  • In order to qualify for the 15% vehicle premium discount, clients must pass the Licence Prep course, pass their driver's licence test, and then take out a Discovery Insure comprehensive vehicle insurance policy with Vitality Drive within two years.
  • This discount applies to all first-time drivers (regardless of their age), as long as the driver meets the above requirements.
  • This discount applies for one year, after which the driver's ongoing driving behaviour will be used to determine future premiums.
  • There are two motionless driving simulators (one manual transmission and one automatic transmission).
  • There is one motion driving simulator (manual transmission).
  • The fee for Licence Prep course is R1 575. Discovery clients will get 25% off this fee, while Discovery Insure clients will get 50% off this fee.
  • The fee for the Refresher course is R630. Discovery clients will get 25% off this fee, while Discovery Insure clients will get 50% off this fee.
  • If you complete the Licence Prep course and want or require additional training, you can purchase hourly lessons at a rate of R315 an hour. Discovery clients will get 25% off this fee, while Discovery Insure clients will get 50% off this fee.
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