102-year-old Sophy Floyd and her son Ernest (who is 81) have registered for their COVID-19 vaccine


Ernest Floyd and his mother Sophy live together in a quiet Cape Town suburb. As Sophy's oldest son, Ernest handles his mom's affairs. He makes sure to keep up with the latest digital trends and this has been key to registering them both to have their COVID 19 vaccine in the near future.

Ernest has successfully registered himself and his mom on national Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) and the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator. This is compulsory for anyone wanting a COVID-19 vaccine.

- The Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator is open to everyone including Discovery clients as well as members of medical schemes administered by Discovery Health

"I found the registration extremely simple," says Ernest. "My mom is a dependant on my medical scheme profile, and the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator gave me easy access to extra support."

"We believe that vaccines are protective"

"We both believe that having our COVID-19 vaccines is absolutely necessary; not only due to our age but also to contribute to ending the pandemic that has gripped the world for far too long. We cannot wait to be vaccinated. We are at high-risk of severe COVID-19 illness by virtue of our age and one or two chronic illnesses we carefully manage."

"Vaccines are protective, and for people in our situation having them is imperative - absolutely necessary. I feel very upset about all the misinformation out there and the doubt it casts on the efficacy of the vaccines and their safety. I take care to explain it all to my mom as it does worry her to hear of possible vaccine side effects. We believe they are safe and that adverse side effects are extremely rare."

"For us, the news of this pandemic has been frightening. Knowing how contagious COVID-19 is and seeing news on television of people being turned away from overburdened hospitals across the world and oxygen supplies running out, has made it quite obvious that immediate vaccination is required globally and at the greatest speed possible. The number of people dying each day from the COVID-19 virus is horrifying - as is the careless attitude of people not following the protocols set out to curb the spread of infection."

"We're both very much looking forward to finding out when we are scheduled to have our COVID-19 vaccine"

"For the past year, we have been stuck at home. We never went out very much, but we loved a chance to pop out to the shops or to Green Point Urban Park where we could sit and eat our lunch together or meet friends. During the pandemic, we sold our car as we really weren't using it. Groceries are delivered to us. Uber and a kind neighbour assist us when we need to go out - say for our annual flu vaccines, which we recently had."

"We're both very much looking forward to finding out when we are scheduled to have our COVID-19 vaccine."

"Due to our advanced age, we have been unable to celebrate birthdays and other family gatherings with our loved ones since the pandemic started. It is also very difficult to maintain ourselves and our home without the necessary help. The sooner we can have our COVID-19 jabs, the easier life should become."

"We strongly advise younger people out there who are fortunate enough to have their older parents, relatives or loved ones with them to help them to register as soon as possible - so that they do not miss the chance to access their vaccines. I urge those who have older loved ones to also do all they can to help them on the day of their vaccination and to ensure it's an easy process for them."

Here's how you can register and book for your COVID-19 vaccination on the national and Discovery sites

Step 1: (Compulsory) Register on the national EVDS. This is required by the National Department of Health for all South Africans. Once you have registered on the EVDS, you will get a vaccination code to use on the day of your scheduled vaccination. The National Department of Health manages this process.

Step 2: You can then register and book for your vaccination on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator.

Discovery clients are invited to register and book on our vaccination navigator to access added benefits tailored to their COVID-19 vaccination journey. This includes a host of support, such as:

  • A view of where you fit into the national prioritisation framework.
  • Access to information on what to expect when being vaccinated and how to prepare for this.
  • Information on accredited vaccination sites nationwide, where vaccinations will be given (including pharmacies, GP practices and hospitals, and dedicated vaccination sites), and the location of Discovery's dedicated vaccination sites.
  • Reminders of your upcoming second dose, if you get a two-dose vaccine.
  • Access to your digital version of your paper vaccination card for safe keeping.

Find out all you need to know about registering and booking for your vaccination on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator today.

Who will pay for your COVID-19 vaccination?

If you are a member of a medical scheme
The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) has stated that payment for the COVID-19 vaccine is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB). This means that all medical schemes must, by law, pay for the COVID-19 vaccine as a PMB for every member of the scheme, in line with South Africa's vaccine prioritisation guidelines.

The cost of a COVID-19 vaccination will be covered in full for all the members of the medical schemes administered by Discovery Health. Members of other medical schemes will be covered through their scheme's risk funds.

If you are not a member of a medical scheme
People who are not members of a medical scheme will receive the vaccine through government-funded structures.

If you are a Discovery client or a member of a medical scheme Discovery Health administers, remember to

  • Look out for your invitation to register on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator. We will send these over the next few weeks in line with the national phased vaccination approach.
  • Visit the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator or access our WhatsApp service to get instant answers to any questions you may have.
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