COVID-19 is a reality, but it shouldn’t be the only reason to want insurance


We don’t always know what will happen, but there are measures we can put in place to have financial certainty for when unexpected events happen.

“The current global pandemic is perhaps a reminder of sorts that little in life is all that predictable. What is guaranteed, is that when things change, it can have a considerable impact on our lives. What I have seen with many of my clients, is that having life insurance serves not only as an extra precautionary measure, but also as something that makes a lasting difference in the lives of those closest to them,” says Discovery certified financial adviser, Claire van Wyk.

This is exactly what a Discovery Life Plan will do. Van Wyk says it gives all policyholders comprehensive protection against a full range of life-changing events when it’s needed the most. While there are benefits that will provide cover if you contract COVID-19 and become severely ill or incapable of working, the benefits of insurance have been developed to protect you in every situation.

Protection in all life changing situations

“Even as we face a pandemic, people need to remember that other life-changing events such as being unable to earn an income due to injury or illness, being diagnosed with a severe illness or becoming disabled are still part of life’s uncertainties. The insurance you have will safeguard you and your family’s financial wellbeing in all of life’s uncertainties, not only in a pandemic,” explains Van Wyk.

She emphasises the unique features and benefits available through Discovery Life are tailored to respond to these events. “As we diligently follow the call to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we continue to care for those closest to us and for our overall health in other ways too. It’s the same with having life insurance, it will give you specific cover for added peace of mind; it is a dependable source of financial security for other things you may not even be thinking about right now,” says Van Wyk.

A Discovery Life Plan meets your needs in current and future events

“What I tell my clients is to make sure that you have a wide range of benefits within your financial means. It is possible to revise the cover you have so that it stays up to date and keeps up with you as your life changes, for example, when you get married or start a family, says Van Wyk.

A Discovery Life Plan offers cover across a range of life events, such as severe illness, loss of income due to illness or disability, and death. “Discovery Life policies are robust and it’s possible to tailor your cover to your needs. For existing policyholders and everyone considering taking out cover, these plans consider the current environment and often allow for multiple claims from a specific benefit. For example, if you claim from the Income Continuation Benefit after being diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be able to claim for other qualifying events in future too. The cover on the Discovery Life Plan is ongoing and broad,” says Van Wyk.

Life cover is a necessary part of a good financial plan and offers:

  1. The Life Fund: A lump-sum payout in the event of death
  2. Income Continuation Benefit: A monthly payout when you are unable to earn an income due to injury or illness
  3. Severe Illness Benefit: Broad protection in case of a severe illness
  4. Capital Disability Benefit: A lump-sum payout in case of becoming permanently disabled


All Discovery Life policyholders have access to a wide range of benefits. “Having this gives you added financial security. In this time specifically, it can also add reassurance that the cover you may need is there when you need it,” concludes Van Wyk.

Discovery Life Limited, registration number 1966/003901/06, is a registered long-term insurer, and an authorised financial services and registered credit provider. NCR Reg No. NCRCP3555. Product rules, terms and conditions apply.

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