#Move20More with Vitality and Zwift

It's official! Vitality has partnered with Zwift, the app that makes indoor cycling fun and delivers serious results. Our global partnership brings us one step closer to making 100 million people 20% more active by 2025. Now, everyone can live life with Vitality.


Zwift is an online cycling programme that allows you to ride, train and compete in virtual worlds. Now, you can earn Vitality points by linking your Zwift account to Vitality.

Start Zwifting for free today. Download the Zwift app and start your 7-day trial and ride. And if you love Zwift as much as we do, you can subscribe for a monthly fee of $14.99.


What you need

Now that you're ready to get started with Zwift, here are three basic things you need to transform your home into your virtual playground.

  • You need a trainer.

An indoor trainer holds your bike in place while you're using Zwift. In many cases, it gives Zwift information to make you move in the game and ride with Zwifters all around the world.

  • You need a bike.

Zwift recommends road bikes with 700cc tyres for the best experience. Take a look at the most commonly used bikes on Zwift.

  • You need a device to run Zwift.

You can run Zwift on a laptop, smartphone, streaming device or tablet. Here's a list of supported devices.

How to get started

Start Zwifting today in three steps.

Connect your Bike to a Trainer

Turn your bicycle into a stationary bike. Get more resistance and enjoy the rolling hills and big climbs of Zwift.

Download the Zwift App

Get the Zwift app on your smart device to start exploring virtual worlds. Start with a 7-day trial and ride - no payment needed.

Link Zwift to Vitality

All you have to do is link your Zwift account to your Vitality profile on your Discovery app.

Earn Vitality points for your Zwift rides

Get rewarded for tracking your speed and heart rate workouts through Vitality using the Zwift app. Once you've linked your Zwift account, you can earn 100 Vitality points a day for a qualifying speed workout, or up to 300 Vitality points for heart rate workouts. Learn more about Vitality fitness points.

Here's how:

  1. Download the Zwift app and create an account.
  2. Download the latest version of the Discovery app.
  3. Log in to the Discovery app and select Vitality Health from the menu.
  4. Scroll down and select Devices and apps.
  5. Select Link a device or app and choose Zwift from the app menu.
  6. Follow the prompts to link your Zwift account to your Vitality membership.

Once linked, you will find Zwift on the Devices and apps section as a linked device.

Need help getting started? Visit Zwift's website to find out more.

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