Visited your Health Library yet? Top info on health conditions and procedures now available on the Discovery app or website


There's no need for you to face confusing online searches for medical information! We're all becoming more empowered when it comes to our own health. So, it's common for us to go online to search for information and advice on health-related symptoms, medical conditions and procedures.

And, while the internet contains a wealth of information, it's often difficult to know which information is really reliable. Without input from healthcare professionals, we run the risk of being led astray, misdiagnosing ourselves, taking the wrong steps, or thinking our condition is worse than it is and becoming worried unnecessarily.

Now, thanks to the new Health Library feature, available via the Discovery app or website, Discovery Health Medical Scheme Members can quickly and easily access educational content about a variety of health conditions and medical procedures. Importantly, the information contained in the Health Library is up to date, accurate, and trustworthy.

Excellent information, medically vetted by healthcare professionals

Discovery Health has partnered with Mayo Clinic, one of the world's best healthcare facilities, to provide members with access to thousands of world-class content pieces. Thanks to this partnership, members can access excellent, credible information that has been medically vetted by top healthcare professionals.

Bringing health and wellness services to your home

The Health Library is the newest feature on our digital platform. Through this platform, members can access cover for health and wellness services from the comfort of their home. You can access industry-leading healthcare devices for remote diagnostics and monitoring, connect with healthcare professionals through online consultations, and access personalised condition-specific information to help you manage your health.

How to use the Health Library

You can access the Health Library by clicking here to log in, using your normal website log in details. Once logged in, click on the 'Health Library' icon.

A search bar will appear where you can search for medical conditions or procedures. Boxes with related topics will appear. Click on a box to view an article containing information relevant to the searched condition, plus photos where applicable. You can bookmark articles so that they are easy to refer to in the future.

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