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Gender-based violence and your legal rights (Listen: podcast)

Azania Mosaka’s interview with attorney Lindsay Henson (from Lawyers against Abuse) and trauma counsellor Lana Snoyman explores the rights, support and legal remedies available to survivors of gender-based violence. #DiscoverYourVoice and be empowered today.

Sasha-Lee Olivier is a survivor of gender based violence (Listen: podcast)

Azania Mosaka chats to Sasha-Lee Olivier, our dynamic and passionate reigning Miss South Africa. As a survivor of sexual abuse, she is driving the #ItsNotYourFault initiative to overcome the fear that prevents survivors of gender based violence from speaking out.

Women making waves in digital healthcare

Azania Mosaka recently spoke to two women at Discovery who challenge the status quo every day. Not only are they at the forefront of building innovative digital healthcare solutions, but they are also role models for future generations of women.

How Hilton Coltman got the wind back in his sails through the Diabetes Care Programme

A 57-year-old diagnosed with diabetes from Port Elizabeth recalls having no gusto before the Diabetes Care Programme came to his aid.

There’s never been a better way to get your monthly medicine

The past few months have shown how important digital tools are for working from home, ordering items online and even staying healthy while staying home. Discovery Health keeps enhancing our digital tools, including MedXpress.

Diabetes Care gives you extra help for diabetes

If you have diabetes, you have to keep measuring your blood sugar and taking your medicine. The Chronic Illness Benefit helps with the basics, but Diabetes Care gives you and your Premier Plus GP access to more tools and benefits to give you the best support and health outcomes.

COVID-19 Q&A with paediatrician Dr Heyns: Keeping children and childminders safe

Parents across the country welcomed the easing of measures to allow childminders and household employees to return to work. How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamics among household employers, childminders and the children they care for?

#DiscoverYourVoice and unite against gender-based violence

Violent crime has increased since nationwide COVID-19 alert level 3 took effect on 1 June. Cases of abuse of women and children have also increased dramatically. How is the #DiscoverYourVoice initiative bringing support to medical scheme members who experience gender-based violence and other traumatic crime?

Hotel isolation option now fully funded for healthcare professionals with COVID-19

Discovery Health has partnered with certain hotels in South Africa to give members of medical schemes administered by Discovery Health access to COVID-19 hotel isolation facilities at a reduced rate. In a tailored partnership, healthcare providers who need to be in isolation due to COVID-19, now have access to full funding of their stay in a designated, specifically managed isolation hotel.

Commit to your health – book your Health Check 65+ today

Be proactive about your wellbeing by completing the new Health Check 65+ screening available to Discovery Health Medical Scheme members. The Health Check 65+ is an enhanced set of screening tests aimed at providing insights into unique health risks specific to older adults.

My self-isolation at a COVID-19 isolation hotelwas the best choice for the care I needed

Following his COVID-19 diagnosis, Eugene first attempted to self-isolate at home, but eventually realised that he needed some nursing assistance. He decided to stay at an approved isolation facility, where the support of the nursing and hotel staff helped him through.

Helping you connect with your benefits and your doctor

Digital tools allow you to visit your doctor online using DrConnect. Or, if you have basic questions about your membership, you can now Ask Discovery on WhatsApp.

You always have cover for prescribed minimum benefits

Prescribed Minimum Benefits mean that you always have cover for certain conditions, even if you reach your benefit limits or the funds in your Medical Savings Account run out. Find out all you need to know about being the prescribed minimum benefit conditions on our list and how to get covered.

Living with bipolar: how a healthy lifestyle helps me pursue happiness

“Prosperity, dedication, motivation” – this is Laetitia’s mantra. She’s faced over a decade of depression and bipolar disorder, but being intentional about her physical health and mental wellbeing helps her stay balanced. This is her story.

Discovery Home Care nurse Lexi Johnson was born to care

For Discovery Home Care professional nurse Lexi Johnson, her patients’ comfort and ease come first. A natural caregiver and mother of two, Sister Lexi is a firm favourite among her patients.

Discovery Home Care nurse brims with compassion and hope

Discovery Home Care professional nurse Drikie Richardson draws from her personal experience of surviving breast cancer to help her patients, give them hope and inspire them to get better – making her a firm favourite among her patients in Cape Town.

Discovery Home Care offers wound care in the comfort of Volker Kirstein’s home

In late 2018, Volker Kirstein had surgery on his foot. The procedure left the 78-year-old with a wound that needed ongoing medical care. Thanks to Discovery Home Care, there was no need for him to remain in hospital for treatment.

Discovery Home Care gives huge comfort to new mom Kirshleigh Young and baby Eli

For new mom Kirshleigh Young, caring for baby Eli at home two days after his C-section birth was tough. Fortunately, Discovery Home Care nurse Barbara le Grange was there to make sure that mom and baby received all the support they needed – in the comfort of their own home.

Discovery Home Care restores Eugene van Dyk’s positive outlook on life

For three years, Eugene van Dyk had to stay in hospital overnight every four weeks to receive life-saving medicine. He found these unavoidable admissions stressful and depressing. Then, Discovery Home Care offered him the same care, but at home.

Discovery Home Care brings Fabry disease treatment home

A mother and son are both diagnosed with a rare disease – his, a severe form. They face years of hospital admissions every two weeks for life-saving infusions to treat the disease. Discovery Home Care brings this treatment to the comfort of their home.

Discovery Home Care brings entrepreneur's treatment to his home

Successful entrepreneur Cecil Nel balances business commitments and family life despite a chronic immune disorder that requires a full day’s treatment every three weeks. Thanks to Discovery Home Care, Cecil’s ongoing hospital admissions are now a thing of the past.

Kidney donation transforms teenage Kaelyn’s life

She is dynamic, courageous and inspiring! At only 16-years old, Kaelyn Smit has lived through kidney failure, months of dialysis and a hugely successfully kidney transplant. No wonder she hopes to become a paediatric nephrologist.

You have two stars working here in Cape Town

Discovery recently received a heartfelt letter from Edith Canhola, a 60-year-old project coordinator from Table View in the Cape. In it, she thanks Discovery Home Care for sending professional nurses Sister Lexi Johnson and Sister Drikie Robertson into her life.

Dr Nazeem Ismail commends Discovery Home Care nurses

Dr Nazeem Ismail, Undersecretary to the National Assembly in Parliament, has been wheelchair-bound for 20 years. He recently started using the Discovery Home Care benefit to treat an infection and says it has made a massive difference in his life.

Discovery Home Care brings Manie Kleynhans's medical treatment to his doorstep

Discovery Home Care has ended years of highly stressful, disruptive, regular hospital admissions for Manie Kleynhans. Now, he receives the intravenous medicine he needs, every six weeks for the foreseeable future, while he relaxes in his lounge

Novel Coronavirus - wash your hands of the threat

As toddlers, we learnt to wash our hands. But, did we ever master the skill to the extent that is needed to wash pathogens off our hands, and save lives? Multiple studies show people don't wash their hands at the right times, in the right way or for the right amount of time. We contaminate the things and people we touch with the germs we carry on our hands.

Understand the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and prevent infection

No country is immune to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus - officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO). The outbreak has reached pandemic proportions and been declared a global public health emergency.

Training to help KwaZulu-Natal children fight cancer

Dr Kershinee Reddy has received a Discovery Foundation Sub-Specialist Award to study Paediatric Oncology at Stellenbosch University. She’s determined to return to KwaZulu-Natal after her training to help children fight cancer.

Screen today for a healthy tomorrow

Health checks are quick and simple, but important tests you can do to find out if you have any serious health risks or conditions that need further investigation.

Say hello to great rewards for personalised, preventive screenings

Welcome to your new, personal health goals and rewards, will soon be available on the Discovery app. Your health insights are about to get more personal - and rewarding!

A powerful, personalised, digital symptom-checker at your fingertips

Discovery Health’s DrConnect users will soon be able to access the latest symptom-checker technology. This global platform, powered by AI machine learning, captures your medical symptoms and immediately responds with the right advice.

#DiscoverYourVoice against gender-based violence

In recent days, the prevalence of gender-based violence (GBV) has, once again, ignited outrage against what many have dubbed a “war on women” (and children).

Manage your health plan 24/7

In today’s tech-savvy world you want your medical aid to keep up with technology, your schedule, and how you prefer to do things. We’ve enhanced what our website and app can do for you for fast, convenient service, whenever and wherever you need it.

How the latest health-tech trends can affect you?

As the new year dawns, ground-breaking technologies are empowering consumers and healthcare systems at an unprecedented rate.

Outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus

The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has caused an outbreak of fatal respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China. This is a completely new strain with no vaccines available. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

My Positive Story

When she was diagnosed with HIV, Sameshni Moodley thought life as she knew it was over. Yet her positive attitude and healthy lifestyle turned things around.

“We only have one body”: how to fight diabetes

This National Diabetes Month, we spoke to endocrinologist and specialist diabetologist Dr Joanna Skelton about the myths around diabetes, how patients can gain control of the condition, and the importance of making good lifestyle choices.

Stem cell banking - the natural choice for Misha

New mom Misha Levin has taken the ultimate step in securing her children’s future health by collecting and banking their stem cells at birth through Netcells. She explains what stem cell banking is, why she decided to do it and how the process works.

Understanding the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill

Much debate has taken place around the proposed National Health Insurance Bill (NHI). Discovery’s overall position on NHI is unequivocal. We would like to provide some additional information to answer any questions you may have.

Is it really possible to get better healthcare at a lower cost?

The answer, simply, is yes. But it’s by no means a simple answer: it takes connections, collaboration and the kind of cost-savings only made possible through scale. That’s where Discovery’s ‘shared value ecosystem’ comes in...

The healthcare ecosystem that Discovery built

Discovery Health CEO Dr Jonathan Broomberg lifts the curtain on the evolutionary thinking that led to ‘shared value’ in healthcare, an ecosystem-like approach that helps to build healthier people, better healthcare at lower costs and social benefits on a broader scale.

How focusing on one person’s health can impact everyone

Discovery’s concept of ‘shared value’ builds a healthcare ecosystem with you, the individual, at its centre. Just as it helps you get healthier, it rewards doctors, hospitals and the healthcare system as a whole for giving care that improves health, making the system function better. Here’s how…

Lessons from nature on how to improve healthcare

Discovery’s shared value approach uses lessons from the animal kingdom to build a ‘healthcare ecosystem’ that’s improving people’s health AND how the health system works.

Beating the odds: lessons from a doctor and cancer survivor

Dr Lindy Dickson-Hall, a Capetonian mother of three, doctor and University of Cape Town medical microbiology TB researcher, is now 10 years into remission after being diagnosed with stage IV (advanced) colorectal cancer shortly after completing medical school.


It takes a warrior to handle endometriosis

Sixteen-year-old Jenna Schubach was diagnosed with stage-three endometriosis when she was only 14 years old. Today, the brave high school student is determined to make a difference in the world by raising awareness about her condition.


Access a world of digital support

Technology has created many benefits for our lifestyle. Life is easier; you have choices that are best suited for you; and you save costs and valuable time. These benefits of technology are now also changing how we manage our healthcare journey at our fingertips.


Finding a doctor has never been easier

Today’s tech-savvy patient wants quick and seamless access to the right doctors, pharmacies or hospitals for their needs. What better way to find the right provider within minutes than through the slick and enhanced Find a doctor tool on your Discovery app?


Seventy-three-year-old thanks Discovery Health after surviving a shooting

When 73-year-old insurance financial adviser Dale Cavell-Clarke was shot during a hijacking in 2017, he spent a month in ICU and two more months in hospital. His medical scheme cover went a long way in aiding his recovery from this traumatic event.


Dudu Njapha and her newborn baby boy, Lisu

For anxious first-time mother, Dudu Njapha, having a breastfeeding expert on hand was like manna from heaven when Lisu, her one-day-old son, struggled to latch. Dudu was determined to give her baby the full health benefits of breastfeeding.


A young life changed - in one stroke

The last thing that 32-year-old Jimmy Phiri expected when he felt physical weakness, was to be diagnosed as having had a stroke.


Cystic fibrosis didn’t get in the way of Chantelle’s dreams of becoming a mom

One of the most magical moments in 27-year-old Chantelle Van Wyk’s life took place on 25 January 2017, when her son, Jonathan, was born. Chantelle has cystic fibrosis, making a successful pregnancy a major undertaking.


Having bipolar disorder doesn't define me

Discovery Health Medical Scheme member, Emma Attwell opens up about her journey with mental illness and shares the value of sound medical aid when faced with numerous health challenges.


When a loved one suffers from a mental health illness

Mental illness impacts all spheres of life - social to psychological. Supporting a person with a mental illness requires knowledge of what is harmful or helpful.


Diabetes-fighting medical team puts patients at the centre of care

There's a lot the world can learn from a medical team working in small-town KwaZulu-Natal, and treating diabetes through innovation and collaboration.


Hip replacement for inspirational caregiver and mom, Louise

Louise Steyn, 67, underwent a life-changing hip replacement in November 2017, after two years of constant pain and a fruitless search for relief.


Hearing recovery for mother and son

Haidee Olivier lived most of her adult life unaware she couldn’t hear properly. When her son Tiaan was born with only one ear, his audiologist diagnosed them both with Microtia and Atresia. With their hearing restored, life has infinite potential


Baby Anashe proves she’s a fighter - time and again

On 4 May 2017, little Anashe Chakacha was born premature, with the upper part of her skull missing. Doctors held out little hope she would live. She was diagnosed with congenital malformation of the skull and face bones. Now two years old, she’s defied the odds.


Our children are getting fatter – how can we help them?

Over the past four decades, the number of obese children in the world has increased more than 10-fold. How do we change behaviour in an entire generation to protect our children from the consequences of obesity – both in childhood and later in life?


Paediatrician’s top advice on key health checks that you may have missed

If you are a parent, you need to know which important health checks your child should have from birth onwards, and which ones you may have missed. Paediatrician and Discovery Vitality Principal Clinical Specialist, Dr Deepak Patel, explains.


Doctors and machines: Embrace the future

Digitisation and artificial intelligence-based innovations have become catalysts to the evolution of the healthcare industry. GP, Dr Sudeshan Govender, describes how digital healthcare tools are increasingly augmenting the doctor-patient relationship.


Access peace of mind on every level during your maternity journey

Pregnancy is such an important to time for a mom and her baby. The right medical and financial support is key to this beautiful journey. Amy Christopher was amazed that her Maternity Benefit supports her pregnancy and her baby, for two years post birth


Could you have high blood pressure - and not know it?

Why is persistent, elevated blood pressure, a ‘silent killer’? Almost half of South Africans have this condition. It doesn’t always show symptoms yet causes heart attacks, strokes and more. Are your lifestyle choices fuelling this disease?


Masechaba Molete's active lifestyle has gone far in helping her to manage her hypertension

Masechaba Molete was diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 31. She’s since put all her efforts into engaging in exercise, cutting down her smoking, quitting salt and alcohol, managing her stress and eating healthily!


Top questions for your doc about the flu vaccine and the flu

Empower yourself this flu season by knowing the right questions to ask your doctor about the flu vaccine and the flu. Understanding how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this year’s flu strains will make all the difference to staying as healthy as possible.


Cold, flu, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis: how to tell the difference

Suffering from respiratory issues but not sure why? Here's a handy guide to understand the difference between common conditions that affect the health of your airways.


7 must-know Flu Truths for the 2019 season

Want to sail through the flu season, healthy and strong? You need to know the seven fundamental Flu Truths listed below – and share them! The healthier you and the people around you are, the lower your chances of catching 2019’s flu strains


Baby Simoné receives life saving pacemaker hours after birth

When baby Simoné Scott let out her first cry at birth, her parents’ relief was indescribable. A pacemaker could now be inserted into her body, ending a 10 week wait during which time she could have had a heart attack at any moment, while still inside her mom.


10 powerful habits that build your resilience

Why are some of us able to adapt really well to extreme stress and personal setbacks? Is this the domain of a superhuman few? Nope! The ability to spectacularly ‘bounce forward’ is innate to us all. Here are 10 ways to develop extraordinary resilience.


KidneyCare helps keep a smile on Ayanda’s face

Ayanda Nxasana was born with one regular kidney and one small one, a condition that led to renal failure as a teenager. She also suffers from lupus and is dyslexic – but none of this keeps her from managing her health and staying positive.


Grief fuels Melissa’s passion for paediatrics

Although Melissa Platt lost her young son to sepsis, she still likes to be known as “Sam’s mom.” She’s determined to spare other parents her pain by sharing learnings from her remarkable experience and sharing Sam’s legacy.


Change your New Year’s resolutions to make a real change

The start of a new year heralds the desire to change for the better. Research shows that a focus on regular, short-term challenges – at any time of the year – is the key to changing habits and achieving your goals!


How will these rising tech trends affect your health?

As the new year dawns, ground-breaking technologies are empowering consumers and healthcare systems at an unprecedented rate. Here are three healthcare trends that are fast gaining traction, and how they can affect you.


A modern, medical miracle: Jean Slabbert

Contracting Neuromyelitis Optica was a bolt from the blue for Jean Slabbert. Globally, the illness occurs in only one in a million people. Jean has successfully fought this paralysing and blinding illness and lives to share his ‘miracle’ story.


HIV positive diagnosis sparks passionate advocacy for Wade

Never in his wildest dreams did 28-year-old Wade Schaerer think he'd become a prominent HIV/Aids activist and vocal campaigner, conveying a vital, universal message pertinent to every South African.


The knock-on effects of achieving healthy goals

If you’re ready to make changes to your life this World Health Day, setting and sticking to a healthy goal will be your key to success. Here’s how.


Are goal-setters goal-getters? The psychology behind behaviour change

Acclaimed behavioural economist Dan Ariely has spent years studying the motivations behind the choices we make from health and wellness to financial success. In his opinion, it often boils down to setting goals and the right kind of rewards.


The knock-on effect of achieving your health goals

There's emerging evidence that people who exercise self-control in one domain are generally successful in a number of other domains. Here's how engaging in Vitality Active Rewards can make you more capable by triggering other positive habits.


How to keep your heart healthy

On 29 September 2018, we celebrate World Heart Day, a global initiative of the World Heart Federation to raise awareness about heart health. This World Heart Day, make a promise to yourself to take care of your heart.


Common cancer myths and misconceptions

There's so much misinformation out there about cancer and cancer prevention that it's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices. We’ve separated the facts from fiction here to assist with your risk-reducing decisions.


There’s a critical need for kidney transplants. Here’s why you should care

You might gladly give up a kidney so your child can have chance of a normal life – but could you? And would anyone else? Here’s a look at what’s creating an organ donor dilemma in South Africa.


mHealth is transforming healthcare – here’s how it can change yours

Across the globe, digital innovation is disrupting industries and new markets by radically changing the means by which we engage with our wellbeing. Here’s what mobile health can (and has already started to) bring to South Africa.


Want to protect your kids online? Train them to be cyber-savvy

As more kids have access to one or more screens and Internet-connected devices – and with it comes dangers to your children’s wellbeing. Here’s what to look out for and how to help your kids thrive in the digital age.


Living with an incurable cancer

With his diagnosis carrying a median survival rate of four years, Fareed Bruintjies, 47, accidentally bumped into a patient who'd survived the same cancer for twelve years, in the chemotherapy room.


Health and longevity for the modern woman

For most of the previous century, there was a severe lack of attention on women's health. Fortunately, this is changing, and the focus on women's health is increasing worldwide.


11-year old Hendrik Stopforth beats Leukaemia

Hendrik Stopforth's Acute Myelodysplastic Leukaemia (AML), was a two-year trial by fire during which his family bonded strongly, received huge support from extended family and was financially buoyed by the generosity of strangers.


This doctor is determined that no mother should lose her baby at birth

Dr Salome Maswime is the mother of two playful little boys. She’s also a specialist who’s committed to maternal and foetal medicine, in South Africa and now abroad. Here’s how she’s making a difference.


How one doctor's devotion to women's health won her an opportunity of a lifetime

Dr Salome Maswime's commitment to maternal and foetal medicine has just won her a Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship Award, which means she's off to Boston in the US to find answers to improving woman's health.


Surviving breast cancer - bereaved mother of three shares her incredible story of hope

The deaths in three consecutive years of those Mickey lived with - her in-laws and then her husband, Mandla, followed by her own shock diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer would have been too much for most women.


Rare, life-changing drug saves little Matthew May

Without Discovery Health Medical Scheme, (DHMS), covering the estimated R3 million per annum cost of a life-saving drug to keep his ultra-rare degenerative disease at bay, Matthew May, now four-and-a-half years old, would probably not see his teenage years.


How should we deal with workplace stigmas around mental health?

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Colinda Linde, weighs in on the stigmas faced in the workplace by those with mental health conditions. Ignorance around mental health conditions worsens the pressure felt by those diagnosed with these illnesses.


A virtual consultation is just a tap away

In his opinion, Dr Sudeshan Govender, a General Practitioner in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal, believes the digital revolution will improve healthcare for both patients and healthcare practitioners


Opening hearts everywhere - Chris Truter's story

The Truters make some of Wellington's finest export wines. But their main claim to fame is winning an extended battle to save their son's life. Chris was diagnosed in-utero with Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome, one of the most challenging of all heart defects.


Dodged winter's woes? Here's why the South African National Blood Service needs you more than ever

Have you managed to steer clear of a cold or flu so far? Give your immune system a thumbs up, and then consider heading to your nearest health Donor Centre or Mobile Blood Drive to donate blood. Here’s why.


"Why I'm embracing digital tech in healthcare"

In this opinion piece, Dr Sudeshan Govender, a General Practitioner in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal, explains why he believes the digital revolution will improve healthcare for both patients and healthcare practitioners.


Food, fitness and health: how to be at your best in your 60s and beyond

Over 60? This June, we're celebrating Youth Day by encouraging youthfulness through a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Here's your guide to managing your diet, exercise and health.


Food, fitness and health: how to be at your best in your 50s

This June, we're celebrating Youth Day by encouraging youthfulness through a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Here's a 50-something's guide to managing your diet, exercise and health.


Food, fitness and health: how to be at your best in your 40s

This June, we're celebrating Youth Day by encouraging youthfulness through a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Here's a 40-something's guide to managing your diet, exercise and health.


Food, fitness and health: how to be at your best in your 30s

This June, we're celebrating Youth Day by encouraging youthfulness through a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Here's a 30-something's guide to managing your diet, exercise and health.


Food, fitness and health: how to be at your best in your 20s

Under 30? This June, we're celebrating Youth Day by encouraging youthfulness through a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Here's a millennial's guide to managing your diet, exercise and health.


Smoking and vaping: personal choice or public health hazard?

Government recently announced that it would be amending a number of South Africa's smoking laws. But how far should they, regulatory bodies and private companies go in drawing the line between freedom of rights and public health hazard?


Meet Dr Kitchin - a role model for "doing things the right way"

Inspired by his family's local GP, Dr Omolemo Kitchin went on to study a super-specialised field within respiratory medicine that deals with children's lung diseases. We caught up with this gifted professional to learn more about him.


Long live the lung: Meet one of SA's leading lung doctors

Twelve years ago, Richard van Zyl-Smit was named one of the very first recipients of a Discovery Foundation Academic Fellowship Award. We caught up with him for tips on how to keep your two oxygen-processors in tip-top shape.


A breath of fresh air: an expert's tips for healthier lungs

The global prediction for developing countries is that respiratory diseases will account for more deaths and disability-adjusted life years. A lung specialist and a dietician offer these tips on how to keep disease at bay.


Changing South Africa for the better: turning rural youth into talented doctors

For almost two decades, the Umthombo Youth Development Foundation (UYDF) has given bursaries to rural youth to study medicine or health sciences.


How to stay youthful at any age

Photo app filters are handy at helping us look younger than we actually are, but chances are, some days, you feel a lot older than you are. Your body is the more accurate judge. Here are ways to keep your body youthful, throughout the ages.


You have until September to earn points for getting a flu shot

When it comes to getting your flu shot, don’t wait till the flu season is over, else the vaccine is far less effective and you’ll miss out on easy Vitality points.


Sherene's stomach ache diagnosed as Stage 2 ovarian cancer

For Sherene Grobler, a 52-year-old Witbank grandmother, the shock of hearing that tumours removed from her ovary, urethra and bladder were cancerous was cushioned by instant support from her family and church friends.


Cancer and women's health: make sure your lifestyle and finances are protected

Female cancers are some of the most common and serious health issues that affect women. What should you know about ovarian cancer? Why is it so important to make sure your lifestyle and finances are protected in the case of a life-altering illness.


A woman's guide to cancer screening and prevention tests

Prevention is better than cure. This is what cancer screening tests are about. Used to identify and eliminate common cancers or precancerous conditions early on, so that more advanced cancers can be prevented, these tests can literally save your life.


Ovarian cancer: what do you need to know?

Ovarian cancer is cancer of the cells of one or both of the ovaries. Although listed as only the seventh commonest cancer in women after breast, cervical, colon, skin, lung and uterine cancers, its incidence is on the rise especially in developed countries.


Cancer diagnosis? Make a plan and take control!

Linda Greeff, an oncology social worker and cancer survivor herself, believes that a patient’s long-term survival is most impacted by the first treatment intervention. She shares her insight from her own experience with being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


You and the flu: what your GP wants you to know

Every autumn and winter, the trickle of flu patients becomes a flood in doctor's waiting rooms around the country. Here are some FAQs doctors commonly get, and guidelines to help you avoid and manage the flu this year.


Luke rescues his twin brother from drowning at home

The inspiring story of the Bridle twins highlights disability and drowning risks, as well as the importance of calm, quick action in the event of an emergency.


Amy Rabie gets her mojo back after Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis

Driven by her high-pressure job, Amy Rabie, 24, believed long hours were the cause of her tiredness, headaches, constant thirst and blurry vision. Little did she expect she had life-threatening Type 1 diabetes.


Give your baby everything, but not HIV

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. You have to make serious decisions that affect your and your baby's health, and this is especially important if you have a chronic condition like HIV.


How you can have kidney disease and not know it

Kidney disease has largely indistinct symptoms, which means that most people have no idea they’re headed for renal failure. Here’s how to find out if you’re at high risk, and what to do about it.


Why do I feel so bleh? Understanding what causes pregnancy nausea

Nausea and vomiting is the most common complaint in pregnancy. We chatted to Dr Natalie Odell, who qualified with a Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the College of Medicine South Africa and a MMed from WITS, to better understand its causes.


Why caring for your kidneys is no kidding matter

Globally, 1 in 10 people suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), marked on 8 March – World Kidney Day. However, most people who have the disease don't know they do. Awareness is key to prevention, so here are 8 ways to care for your kidneys.


4 flu myths you shouldn't fall for this season

Being mindful entails seeking trusted sources and facts behind common assumptions and practices. This is especially important when it comes to medical issues. Read on to see if you have all your flu facts straight.


What you need to know about the listeriosis outbreak

More cases of Listeriosis have been confirmed in South Africa over the past few months. Here is what you need to know about the disease, as well as tips on how to prevent listeriosis.


Does hand hygiene really help? Facts to help you avoid the flu

Can you unwittingly spread the flu? Will being OCD about clean surfaces help? Here are four flu facts to help you be more mindful about avoiding and preventing the spread of flu this year.


Beating the kidney dialysis odds

Brian Anderson, is a minor walking miracle. He's had 93 operations, including two kidney transplants and been on intermittent dialysis for 22 years. He's passionate about raising awareness around Chronic Kidney Disease and organ donation.


A fierce flu season is expected: immunising early is the best defence

One of the best ways to be mindful of your own and others' health this March is to protect against, and prevent the spread of, the frighteningly contagious influenza virus. Here's why getting immunised early offers you the best defence.


6 milestones to celebrate in your baby's first months

Many parents are preoccupied with whether their new-borns are developing normally. Every baby is different – but here are some fun signposts to look out for!


Time to reconsider committing to safe sex

This World Aids Day is a good time to think about the steps we can take to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections, specifically HIV. No matter your HIV status, it’s important that you always wrap up to protect yourself and your partner.


A new dad's guide to new-borns

This is the second of a two-part feature in which a financial writer at Discovery and father of twins, offers honest and tongue-in-cheek advice to expecting and new dads. The article was first published in Men's Health in February 2018.


Baby on the way? It’s time for dads to deliver!

This is the second of a two-part feature. A financial writer at Discovery and father of twins offers honest and tongue-in-cheek advice to expecting and new dads. The article was first published in Men’s Health in February 2018.


Using technology to manage your health

Life is easier, you have choices that are best suited for you, you save costs and valuable time. These benefits of technology are now also changing healthcare and how you interact with doctors – and it is all available on your smartphone with Discovery Health's Smart Series.


4 fundamentals to raise a happy child

Personality can play a big role in how your child approaches life, but there are certain fundamental things you can do to encourage wellbeing in your kids. Try your best to accommodate for these key elements below!


A healthy mom, a healthy child

You know new life is precious and getting the best care is important. With the right support, you can have peace of mind when it comes to the care your child needs or when you're thinking of growing your family.


Sisters fight Cervical Cancer together

It's hard to imagine that cervical cancer affected the lives of two sisters in the same year - and how differently. Alrita Groenewald, 41, was given less than 30% chance of survival, while her sister Tessa Supra, 46, chose to silently carry the burden of her subsequent diagnosis.


Replace those resolutions! (with small, effective habits that last)

How many times have you made a New Year's resolution to "get healthy" that didn't last a month? Don't worry, we're not judging. Fact is - it's pretty tough to stick to resolutions. And according to behavioural economists, it takes a lot more than sheer willpower.


Reassess your health plan - how and why you should

No one can predict what medical emergencies or other healthcare costs the coming year might bring. This makes it tricky to strike a balance between meeting your budget and making sure you have sufficient medical cover. Here are some factors to help you decide.


Why we should all be sun-smart this summer - no matter your skin tone

According to Cancer Research UK, more than 80% of melanoma cases could be prevented by avoiding sunburn - and those of us with darker skins aren’t immune. Here's why and how to be sun-smart this summer.


5 diabetes myths and misconceptions: the good, the bad and the ugly

Did you know there are an estimated 1.5 million adults living with undiagnosed diabetes in South Africa? In fact, 50% of people with type 2 diabetes don’t know they have it. Get your stats and facts straight here.


Healthcare is a team sport

In the last in a series of pieces exploring the SA healthcare industry, Discovery Health CEO Dr Johnathan Broomberg explores the fragmented structure of private healthcare as a major underlying reason for inefficiency and overuse of healthcare systems. (Published: Sunday Times, 26 November 2017)


Empowering the patient

In the third in a series of pieces exploring the SA healthcare industry, Discovery Health CEO Dr Johnathan Broomberg why a critical success factor in this shared value model is that all of us need to become well-informed healthcare consumers, rather than passive patients. (Published: Sunday Times, 19 November 2017)


Fighting healthcare costs through shared-value

In his second opinion-editorial, Dr Broomberg's explains how Discovery Health is using the concept of shared value to fight rising healthcare costs. (Published: Sunday Times, 12 November 2017).


What's driving up our health care costs?

In the first, in a series of opinion-editorial published in Sunday Times and aimed at educating consumers about important matters in the South African healthcare sector, Dr Jonathan Broomberg, CEO of Discovery Health, delves into the key drivers of healthcare costs (Published: Sunday Times, 5 November 2017).


Your diabetes dictionary: A guide to understanding medical jargon

Do you zone out when someone starts using medical jargon? Here are some simple explanations so you can keep yourself in the know with diabetes terminology.


A mom's guide to gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes can come as a shock to women who've never had any issues with their blood sugar levels before. Here's what expecting parents need to know.


Vitality Weight Loss Rewards saved formerly morbidly obese dad's life

Vitality Weight Loss Rewards (WLR) is a weight-loss journey that aims to help you lose weight in short, manageable cycles until you reach a healthier weight. You will earn rewards for participating and for reaching your goals. This is Sean Venske's story.


Tackling comfort eating through Weight Loss Rewards

"What has Vitality Weight Loss Rewards done for me and how am I behaving differently as a result? Having a goal to aim at, and the means to hold himself accountable (weekly weighing and self- tracking) made all the difference." - Ned


Knee op recovery fast-tracked by Vitality Weight Loss Rewards

Vitality Weight Loss Rewards is a weight-loss journey that aims to help you lose weight in short, manageable cycles. Losing weight not only fast-tracked Kim's knee op recovery, but has been transformative and the benefits are spilling into all aspects of her life.


Every breath that Martie takes is a miracle

Martie Geertsma, 43, is living testimony to the power of a positive, proactive attitude. Her very existence depends on continuous 24/7 oxygen and intravenous drug supplies to treat the rare disease from which she suffers - Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, (PAH).


Self-discipline is that much easier with Vitality Weight Loss Rewards

Vitality Weight Loss Rewards just helps you keep going with its encouraging feedback messages and enabling you to track your weight loss. That's very motivating. Once I got into the habit of eating properly and doing all the right things, it changed my way of life. Read Dawn Zaal's weight-loss story.


Vitality Weight Loss Rewards boost CEO's health & fitness journey

Vitality Weight Loss Rewards (WLR) is a weight-loss journey that aims to help you lose weight in short, manageable cycles until you reach a healthier weight. You will earn rewards for participating and for reaching your goals. This is Johan van den Berg’s story.


Stem Cell Banking

NetCells, Next Biosciences' umbilical cord stem cell banking service, gives expectant parents the opportunity to collect their new born baby's umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells and cryogenically store them for potential future medical use.


Men or women – who has the higher risk of heart attack?

Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women across the world. Is heart disease a condition that women need to pay more attention to? And are symptoms of a heart attack the same in men and women?


29-year old’s near heart-attack a sobering wake-up call

Numbness in the left arm and a stabbing pain the chest. Those symptoms sent a 29-year old Discovery Health Medical Scheme member to a hospital emergency unit one evening on his way home from work. He shares his story in his own words.


"I'm too healthy to have high cholesterol" and other myths

It's possible to lower the risk high cholesterol by eating well and being physically active, so it’s tempting to think that only people who eat badly and don’t exercise can have this condition. But is that true?


The Iron Man story: Amputee Jaco van Staden's inspiring comeback

Amputee Jaco van Staden's worst nightmare has left him a better man than ever and with a foot that is almost as good as the one he was born with.


Stock up this Spring: How to assemble your own first aid kit

A decent first aid kit is a household must-have. Many kits on offer promise to stock everything you might need, but it’s a sure bet if you assemble your own. Here are some first aid essentials.


Medicine cabinet clean-out? Factors to consider in a first aid kit

Have you come across a dusty first aid kit while spring-cleaning your medicine cabinet? Before you toss it back in, here are some handy guidelines on what it should include. After all, a kit is only as useful as what you can do with it!


When you get a cancer diagnosis

Surviving cancer physically is sometimes only half the battle. The other half is the post-treatment journey. Laurie Gaum shares his emotional lung cancer survival journey.


The emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic, both as a patient and as a loved one. Here’s what to expect.


'How my Apple Watch saved my life'

When Russell Pengelly got his Apple Watch, he planned to use it to get healthier through Vitality. Little did he know it would end up saving his life


Ultra-marathoner Redi Tlhabi finds her peace in running

While the rest of the world sleeps, Redi Tlhabi can be found taking in lungfuls of cool morning air as she completes yet another training run. This is how she recharges her brain and meditates ahead of another busy day – and gets the most out of her day.


You do know it is twins, right?

For Oratile and Tebo Tlhabane the news they were having a baby was a surprise. Then one baby became two.


Gavin Cowden left diabetes in his dust, cycling towards his dreams

Discovery Vitality member Gavin Cowden shares his remarkable journey from overweight pre-diabetic to South African Para-Cycling Champion


Help your health, help SA!

An investment in our health is an investment in a better future for ourselves and our country. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness: The Sunday Times, 2 July 2017


Submit your claim fast and easy in any of these 3 digital ways

With Discovery Health Medical Scheme, submitting claims is easy when you use one of our digital channels. These digital platforms offer you convenience and allow us to process and pay claims faster.


Extra cover when you need it most

When you have spent the funds in your Medical Savings Account, the Day-to-day Extender Benefit ensures that you do not have any gaps in cover when you visit a provider in our Premier Plus GP Network.


The incredible benefits of top medical care in the comfort of your own home

Discovery HomeCare is a unique service offered in the South African medical scheme market to provide patients with specific healthcare needs, access to high-quality care solutions at their homes.


Learning from adversity: A Breast Cancer survivor's story

Norma Moller shares her experiences during her rollercoaster cancer treatment journey that has left her wiser, more aware, more disciplined, and an expert when it comes to her own body.


Discovery Health brings you user-friendly technology

Future health technology could empower patients to take responsibility for their health and allow doctors to intervene by means of individual wearable devices that monitor and transmit health information.


Sweat, but not the small stuff

While some people claim to be immune to stress, it is a normative condition. Without it, humans would not thrive or succeed in life. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness: The Sunday Times, 25 June 2017


Being a present day dad

As we wake up on Father’s Day hoping for another pair of cool socks and a #1Dad mug, it is probably a good time for us dads to reflect on how we have done in raising our kids. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness: The Sunday Times, 18 June 2017


New dad's survival guide

Be there to enjoy all the highs, knowing that you’re as prepared as possible for this new season... Read on for some useful information about how to support your partner and navigate those early days.


Measles and misinformation – do vaccines work?

With 17 confirmed measles cases, the Department of Health has announced an emergency campaign to address the outbreak. Read why they’re rolling out vaccines to kids, and what you should do about it.

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