Use your tech to help you keep safe this festive season


It's the holiday season and after this year, you deserve a break! Find out how you can #UseYourTech to manage your healthcare and stay safe this festive season.

It's December, a time when many families visit loved ones or simply go for a change of scenery. While you can still go away, it's important to be especially careful this year. We're in the second wave of COVID-19 infections. On 14 December 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa noted that increased travel is "another factor in the rise of infections". He added that it "is safer to socialise with your immediate family than with large gatherings that could cause the virus to spread."

Keep following all COVID-19 safety measures to slow the spread of the virus.

Your cellphone and our tech can help you keep safe and access healthcare this holiday season. Here are some tips to help keep you healthy and connected to your health plan when you need it with the Discovery app and website, and the COVID Alert SA app.

Download the COVID Alert SA app

If you haven't yet, download this app now.

Find out more about the COVID Alert SA app.

COVID-19 hotspots: Discovery real-time data

Visit our COVID-19 hotspot page regularly to keep up to date with the hotspots and emerging hotspots across South Africa.

You can also visit for more information.

Know your risk

Although everyone is at risk of contracting the virus, some people are more likely than others to become seriously ill and need specialist care in hospital.

We can calculate your personal COVID-19 resilience index. Your resilience index gives you an estimate of the likelihood that you'll have to go to hospital if you contract COVID-19. Knowing your resilience can help you to take extra protective measures to avoid getting COVID-19, and help you identify activities that can improve your resilience even further. Calculate your resilience now.

As a Discovery Health Medical Scheme member, you can complete this risk assessment regularly to check if you have symptoms that might show that you have COVID-19 and we will connect you to doctors to have an online consultation if necessary.

Connect to care with virtual consultations

Connected Care allows you to have a virtual consultation with your doctor, no matter where you are. If your doctor is on Dr Connect, you will be able to make an appointment and have a virtual consultation using the app.

Since we know that an examination is an important part of any doctor's visit, we also give you access to the TytoHome device that allows your doctor to guide you through the examination to help them make diagnoses.

Find the nearest doctor or pharmacy

With the Discovery app you can find doctors and pharmacies on our network near you, no matter where you are during the holiday season.

Help in an emergency

The Discovery app lets us find and help you in a medical emergency. All you need to do it open the app and tap on Emergency assist. A highly qualified emergency operator will call you and give you immediate feedback and assistance. They will arrange medically equipped transport if needed.

Your phone stores your proof of membership

Don't have your membership card with you? No problem! As long as you have the Discovery app, you have a virtual membership card you can use to show you're a member of Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

Stay safe during the holidays

Read more about how to keep you and your loved ones safe this festive season:

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