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COVID-19 hotspots: Discovery real-time data

Given the large, national footprint of our membership base and in order to support you with more information to stay safe during COVID-19, we are are communicating on the emergent hotspots across Discovery’s client and membership base using real-time claims data.

We analyse our data across the country, at a district level, to help provide you with regular updates on how the pandemic is progressing in your area. Importantly, this data is based on Discovery data and experience only and therefore doesn’t include data of all infections in your area.

Your membership claims information as well as your residential address on our system are used to inform when you receive these hotspot notifications. To ensure that we send you accurate notifications, update your residential address details if necessary.

You can also refer to and the Western Cape Dashboard for more information.

COVID-19 hotspot districts

Calculated on 11 October 2020

How we determine hotspots?

This data is calculated on the date stated above and is based on Discovery claims data of the number of clients that have tested positive for COVID-19 during the previous period, and does not include national testing and infection data.

A hotspot district must have:

  • At least 2 new infections per day on average for prior 7 days, and
  • At least 50 cumulative cases, and
    • Either 5% Compound Growth Rate (CGR) over the prior 7 days (doubling time of two weeks or less)
    • Or at least 30 new cases per 100,000 Discovery lives over the prior 7 days (high attack rate)

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