Have you accessed your personal Discovery COVID-19 navigator as yet? Don't miss out on a COVID-19 vaccine journey like no other


At Discovery, we are doing all we can support you through your COVID-19 vaccination experience. That's why we've designed a user-friendly digital portal to support you through each step of registering for and having your COVID-19 vaccination - and more. Have you registered on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal yet?

First, let's review how to register for your COVID-19 vaccine.

As a Discovery client, , once you've registered on the national Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) you can register on the Discovery Vaccination Portal to gain access to your personalised Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator.

Your personal Vaccination Navigator

How to register for your vaccination?

  • Step 1: Open the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator and select "Register"
  • Step 2: Follow the steps and provide your details
  • Step 3: Register on EVDS

Go to our COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator >

Make sure you use Google Chrome to access the Connected Care platform.

How to book for your vaccination?

  • Step 1: Open the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator and select "Book at a Discovery site"
  • Step 2: Search and select your preferred site
  • Step 3: Specify whether you're booking your first or second dose, choose your preferred time slot and select "Book"

Go to our COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator >

Make sure you use Google Chrome to access the Connected Care platform.

To gain access to your Discovery COVID-19 navigator, simply login to Discovery Connected Care

Discovery Connected Care is our digital healthcare platform and includes a wide range of digital healthcare service options

TWO TIPS to help you to login

Once logged in, you will be able to access your medical scheme profile (and any dependants' profiles too) and explore the full range of support offered to you though the Discovery's COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator.

You can:

  • Register yourself and your dependants for COVID-19 vaccines. This is particularly helpful if you want to register and elderly loved one on your policy for their vaccine.
  • Know what to expect from and how to prepare for your COVID-19 vaccination
  • Get reminders ahead of your second vaccine dose (in the case of a two-dose vaccine)
  • Access your electronic vaccination card.
  • Share any vaccine-related side-effects in the days after your vaccination, to get support and guided as to your next steps.
    • Vaccines are a form of medicine. Like all medicine, vaccines (not only COVID-19 vaccines, but all vaccines) can cause side-effects. Most are mild and short-lived. Some people get them, some don't. Discovery's COVID-19 Vaccination Portal lets you report any vaccine side-effects and supports you as to how to respond to these.

Who can register on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal?

All Discovery clients, including those clients who are not members of medical schemes administered by Discovery Health, have access to the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal. You have to be over 18 years of age to register.

Important details about your COVID-19 vaccination

  • Once eligible for your COVID-19 vaccination you will receive an SMS with your EVDS vaccine code and the name of the vaccination site you have been allocated to for your COVID-19 vaccine. If you would like to change the site you are allocated to, you can do so on Connected Care using the COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator.
  • If you are scheduled for your COVID-19 vaccine, but miss your vaccine appointment or want to reschedule it, you will have two more opportunities to do so.
  • Some people are concerned about how elderly loved ones in care facilities - such as frail care and old age homes - will access their COVID-19 vaccines. Once they have been registered for their vaccine on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal, dedicated teams will visit the care facility and vaccinate registered residents.
  • Visit the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal or access our WhatsApp service to get instant answers to any questions you may have.

Want to know more about the greater world of benefits you have access to, through Discovery Connected Care?

You're now aware that you access to your Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator through the Discovery Connected Care platform.

What else can you access through Discovery Connected Care?

Discovery Connected Care, launched in 2021, brings you a world of personalised, digitally-connected healthcare devices and technology to members of medical schemes administered by Discovery Health. "We believe that the offering accessed through Discovery Connected Care represents the future of healthcare," adds Dr Nematswerani.

Discovery Connected Care spans everything from online doctors consultations (enabled through Discovery Health's online consultation platform and through the award-winning TytoHome mobile medical device), to advanced digital devices that assist people with chronic conditions, or people who have been discharged form hospital to be monitored and receive around the clock care.

  • Connected Care for members at home brings the online consultation experience closer to a face-to-face doctor visit.
  • [COMING SOON] Connected Care for members who have chronic conditions allows scheme members to manage and track their chronic condition at home through personalised coaching, consultations and remote monitoring devices.
  • [COMING SOON] Connected Care for members who need acute care allows scheme members to experience clinically appropriate, patient-centric care in their homes as a substitute for acute hospital care.

Read more on what is possible through Connected Care:

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