Using technology to manage your health


Life is easier, you have choices that are best suited for you, you save costs and valuable time. These benefits of technology are now also changing healthcare and how you interact with doctors - and it is all available on your smartphone with Discovery Health's Smart Series.

A tech-savvy professional, you use your smartphone to manage work, active and social time and to buy the latest gadget or a late-night meal. Your smartphone keeps you connected to your network and everything you love. One tap and you are up to speed with life around you and know where you are headed next. Your device knows you at work, at play, at your fittest and shared some important moments.

Rapid innovation is changing the way we live

Technology has fundamentally shifted the way we live, from our communication to entertainment and how we do business. In South Africa, there are 80 million mobile subscribers and the average user spends three hours each day on their device. This digital migration is leading to exponential innovation globally. Previously, world-shifting developments might happen every hundred years or so. Today, new technologies are released on an almost weekly basis, and it is also reinventing how you can access healthcare services.

A world of digital support is one click away. Watch this short video to find how you can manage your healthcare digitally.

Did you know? Discovery Health connects you to your health plan on your smartphone or device.

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme Smart Series, with a Classic and Essential option, has a fully digital platform that puts your health plan in your hands. All you'll need is the Discovery app and you are set to take care of your most-valuable asset using leading digital health technology. Connecting you, your smartphone and your health plan, the Discovery app allows you to manage your health and get your health information any time you need it.

Be smart, use your smartphone to connect and consult

From your smartphone, you can find a Smart Network GP that is close to you. You can consult with this GP using your smartphone and Discovery DrConnect. Your virtual consultation can happen by video, by voice message or by text message. The choice is yours. The medicine you need is easy to order, just do it online. Your GP will usually send the claim in and you can also send and track your claims online. An added service that saves you a call, is Ask Discovery. Any questions you have about your medical cover will be answered instantly with mobile chat. This, all while you are on the go - you just need your smart device and the Discovery app.

Connect with a doctor online

DrConnect, an online medical advice service with trusted knowledge built up by over 105 000 doctors, is available to download through your Discovery app. If you ever did, you no longer need to turn to Google and sift for correct information about your health and wellness. Besides facilitating the virtual consultations with participating doctors who you have seen in the past 12 months, Discovery DrConnect also comes with:

  • Ask a doctor that gives you personalised answers to your medical questions from a doctor, at no extra cost. The library holds over 5 billion answers from doctors.
  • Health goals with doctor-created tips and checklists to help you meet health goals and to manage any chronic conditions.

This service has been described as "quick and responsive" and "can answer any health- and medical-related question I have had so far."

The Smart Series suits a busy, connected lifestyle. Smartly connect your health and wellness to your smartphone for answers, care and services, whenever you need it.


Technology enables smart and affordable cover

The Smart Series options give you access to comprehensive medical cover. The use of technology and broad networks generate contributions savings that, compared with contributions of comparable health plans in the market, are 23% lower.

You have all the advantages that technology offers, lower contributions and hospital cover that is unlimited in the Smart Network. The Smart Series offers cover when you travel, day-to-day benefits and pays the full cost in hospital for specialists with a payment arrangement. You also have cover for all approved chronic medicine from network pharmacies for listed conditions.

Read more about the Smart Series cover here.


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