Welcome to behavioural banking

Welcome to behavioural banking

Welcome   to a bank that doesn’t just store your money, but changes your relationship with it

We believe that incentivising you to make better financial decisions will generate higher savings levels, lower risk and increased wealth for society as a whole. We've done the research and it boils down to this: If South Africans, as individuals and as a nation, want to move forward – we need to reduce our debt and foster a healthier banking culture.

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Why do South Africans need to bank healthier   ?

Our research shows that on average, South Africans are not managing our financial health well and have been spending more than we earn for the last decade. As a result, we are experiencing 3 big financial conditions which include inability to deal with unplanned expenses, having debt that is expensive and unsustainable, and not being prepared for retirement.

The good news is these 5 controllable behaviours can help people become financially healthier:

Spending less than you earn
Saving regularly
Paying off your property
Investing for the long-term
Making sure you are protected against insurable events

Our goal is to help you understand these behaviours, improve them, and in doing so, improve your overall financial health. Through Vitality Money, we'll guide, motivate and reward you along your journey to banking healthier.

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The science behind Vitality Money  

We have proven through the Vitality programme, that shared value can be a powerful force for changing behaviour. Vitality Money, our behavioural banking programme allows you to objectively assess your financial situation, make the necessary changes using our financial tools and keeps you motivated with personalised goals and rewards.

We've delved into behavioural theory and the human biases that impact how people understand and engage with their finances, showing how changing five simple behaviours can have a massive impact on financial health.

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Bank healthier  

We'll help you understand and improve your finances with easy-to-use tools, personalised money goals and real-time tracking on the Discovery Bank app.

Track your Vitality Money points and status

Set up personalised budgets and we’ll help you track where and when you spend and save

We’ll help you set up and track personalised money goals like saving more every month or simply paying off your debt faster

Get rewarded  

Get rewarded with Dynamic Interest Rates

Control your interest rates by improving your Vitality Money status. Enjoy better interest rates on your savings and positive balances, and pay less interest on credit as you manage your money better.

Boost your Vitality rewards

With Vitality Money, you get even more rewards from Vitality partners like up to 100%* back on your HealthyFood, up to 75%* back on HealthyCare and much, much more.

Spend responsibly and get rewarded with Vitality Active Rewards

Earn weekly rewards for spending responsibly and achieving your Vitality Active Rewards money goals.

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