Donate your Discovery Miles to the Solidarity Response Fund and WE'LL MATCH IT!

06 April 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the creation of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund as part of the interventions the government has put in place to help SME businesses during the COVID-19 period. This fund will not only aid owners and employees of small businesses during this time, but it will also play a major role in combatting the effects the lockdown will have on our country's already fragile economy.

You can contribute to the Solidarity Response Fund from the Discovery Bank app

At times like this, it is important that we stand together and support each other. If you'd like to make a donation to the Solidarity Response Fund, you can now do so directly from one of your accounts on the Discovery Bank app. Donate your Discovery Miles from your existing available balance directly to the Solidarity Response Fund.

What's more, if you choose to donate from your Discovery Miles, the Discovery Fund will match any contributions you make and donate the same amount of Discovery Miles to the Solidarity Response Fund.

Follow these steps to donate

You can donate cash or Discovery Miles to the fund in two ways:

  • Go to your transaction account, Demand Savings Account or Discovery Miles account and click on the Donate to COVID-19 Solidarity Fund button, and confirm the amount you wish to donate.
  • Tap on Pay and search for COVID-19 Solidarity Fund loaded as a public beneficiary, and confirm the amount you wish to pay.

Referencing and fees

The reference for the donation will automatically be populated with your ID number. This will ensure that the fund can easily find your donation if you have any queries. By using your ID number as reference, you will also be able to request a tax certificate from the fund if needed.

The contribution towards the fund will be processed as an EFT to a public recipient, so costs involved will be the same as any EFT on your Discovery Bank product. If you need more information about the cost of EFTs on your account, please see your account's fees guide.

You can also donate your Discovery Miles through Vitality Active Rewards

You can also choose to donate your Discovery Miles through Vitality Active Rewards #MoveToGive. And again, the Discovery Fund will match any contributions you make and donate the same amount of Discovery Miles. All you have to do is:

  1. Activate Vitality Active Rewards through the Discovery app.
  2. Achieve your personalised weekly exercise, drive or money goal to earn instant Discovery Miles plus a play on the gameboard.
  3. Pick a tile on the gameboard to reveal even more Discovery Miles.
  4. Spend 1 000 Discovery Miles to donate R100 to the Solidarity Fund through Vitality MoveToGive. Terms and conditions apply.

Note: The Discovery Fund will match all Discovery Miles donations to the SA Solidarity Response Fund or through #MoveToGive to a cumulative value of R500 000.

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