Behavioural Banking

Check out our collection of lifestyle articles that will explain exactly what behavioural banking is and how Discovery Bank uses Vitality Money and other innovative tools and benefits to guide and motivate you to improve your financial health... and the range of rewards you can earn for managing your money better.

Be careful not to fall for money laundering scams

Money laundering is a serious financial crime done by all types of criminals, from white-collar criminals to drug dealers. Essentially, it's the illegal process of making money that comes from criminal activity appear like it comes from legitimate companies.

Save with the bank that gives you the best interest rates

As a shared-value bank, we want to help you become financially strong enough to weather any storm. Data shows that we have the best savings rates when compared to the biggest banks in South Africa, and we want you to use this to your advantage.

Keep your banking secure with a strong password

At Discovery Bank, we use cutting-edge tech to keep your money safe. With our banking app, you carry around a bank branch in the palm of your hand, so you must always have a strong password to protect your money and information.

Want to have a good credit score? Here's how to do it

Whether playing sports or games, a good score makes us all happy. There's one score in adult life that's very important - your credit score. Having a good credit score can save you money in the long run, as you're likely to be offered a good interest repayment rate when you have a home loan or vehicle financing. Let's have a look at what it takes to get a good credit score.

Protect your personal information against fraudsters

We implement the latest security features to keep you safe when you use our banking app but we also want you to have the knowledge you need to stay safe when you're not using it.

7 reasons why having credit is good for your financial wellbeing

When you manage your credit card and overdraft well, it gives you spending power to make bigger purchases and pay for it later. We all need it at some stage in our lives - here are seven reasons why it's good to have credit and how it can be used to your financial advantage.

Saving for the long-term? Take advantage of your tax-free savings allowance

Whether you're saving for a new car or a deposit on a house, a tax-free savings account is a great way to save for your long-term goals. The new tax year started on 1 March 2021. Here's how you can make the most of your tax-free savings this year.

Get the full travel experience with Discovery Bank

Qualifying Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money can take advantage of all our travel benefits. Book a flight at discounted rates, skip the queues with Priority Fast Track, relax with lounge access and save on Uber rides, hotel accommodation and car hire.

How to protect yourself from scammers these holidays

Everyone loves the holidays, and retailers, restaurants and holiday destinations are ready to welcome you. We all know by now that we should take COVID19 safety precautions, but while you're making the best of the summer season, remember to also protect yourself from fraudsters.

Shopper making a payment by tapping their tap-and-go card on the pay point instead of inserting it.

Shop safely with Discovery Bank's contactless payment options this holiday season

It's the holiday season and travel, retailers, shopping malls and most services are open for you to enjoy. With COVID-19 still around, we all have to be more mindful. Fortunately, Discovery Bank makes contactless banking and payments easy.

5 ways to save money when you fly this holiday season

With flight bookings now open, don't miss your opportunity to book a well-deserved holiday or an overdue visit with family. There are many ways to stretch your travel budget and to save money on flights. Here's how...

Here are eight time-saving hacks to get through the airport FAST

You can once again travel to local and international destinations just in time for the holiday season. With airports expected to be a lot busier, you have to know how to travel safely. This checklist will help keep you organised and get you on the plane faster.

How to travel safely over the December holidays

With domestic and international travel now open, how can South Africans keep each other safe from COVID-19? Discovery Vitality's Head of Wellness, Dr Mosima Mabunda, shares top tips for safe travelling in level 1 lockdown as well as important updates to the Vitality travel benefit.

Understanding interest rates can put more money in your pocket

Say the words "interest rates" and many will give you a glazed look. But it's worth your while to understand what interest rates are and how they work, because when you save, these rates help determine how much you end up with!

4 ways to make the most of Black Friday

Ready for some great deals? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and Discovery Bank is here to help you to spend wisely, so you can make the most of it. Here's how.

Is life stressing you out? Here's how an emergency savings fund can give you one less thing to worry about

Feeling stressed or anxious? Worrying about money makes it worse. That's why taking care of your money matters is just as important as keeping your body and mind in good health. Don't know where to start? Start by building an emergency savings fund.

Saving for something specific? It's easier with an account that's tailored to your goal

Whether saving for emergencies, retirement or ticking off experiences on your bucket list, saving is good for your financial wellbeing. But it isn't always easy. Set yourself up for success by choosing a bank account that's tailored to help you succeed.

5 tips to increase your Vitality Money status and rewards

With Vitality Money, you are equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your money well. Use these five tips to stay on track to reach every target, improve your Vitality Money status and unlock more of the rewards of shared-value banking.

From humble beginnings to inspirational role model and Discovery Executive

Mapule Mzimba is a #WomenInMotion with many passions in life. A top priority for her as the COO of Discovery Bank is to play a role in liberating all women to achieve their highest purpose.

I believe all women are brave, creative, intelligent and tenacious

#WomenInMotion, Cheryl Ngobeni, believes that being in touch with our emotions is a strength that enables women to make a difference where it matters most. "We should stop being afraid of being sensitive or emotional. It's these traits that make it possible to empathise and develop workable solutions for our communities."

5 life hacks from Jo-Ann Strauss for better financial fitness

Women today are more financially independent than ever. Yet, how to work with money is something that we don't necessarily learn growing up, but rather from the first paycheque. We spoke to Jo-Ann about her philosophy when it comes to money.

Jo-Ann Strauss talks about what guides her to make fit financial choices

Jo-Ann Strauss is one of South Africa's most celebrated speakers and a businesswoman with a passion for entrepreneurship. A belief in lifelong learning and self-improvement has taken her life and career to great heights. She epitomises the strong spirit of a woman in motion

How a budget can help you reach your savings goals

July is Savings Month, and this year the benefits of saving have been further highlighted as we face a global pandemic. Saving money is one of the most important things that can help you be financially secure under any circumstances. The first step towards getting where you want to be financially is to set SMART goals.

How to protect your savings and manage your money to withstand times of crisis

Along with other aspects of life, you may need to adjust your finances during this unprecedented time. Many were caught off-guard. It's not too late for some financial checks and adjustments to be more prepared. Akash Dowra, Head of Client Insights at Discovery Bank, shares some tips and advice.

Five things you can do for your financial health

Behavioural theory shows that we humans don't always make the most rational choices that serve us well in future. In uncertain times, we may also take more risks or make hasty decisions. Stop, take a moment and look these five behaviours and how you rate.

How to keep your money goals real and stay motivated to save

While everyone's circumstances are different, there is no doubt about the relief a financial safety net brings. Try to make financial choices that will not only help you stay afloat, but also ensure you have something set aside for when you need it most.

Shopper making a payment by tapping their tap-and-go card on the pay point instead of inserting it.

Everyone has a spending and saving style. Do you know yours?

Spending and saving tell a lot about your financial health. Even in uncertain times, you have a natural preference. Being financially healthier starts with understanding what you do. Can you spot your money-management style?

Don't let lockdown leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals

While self-isolation will keep you safe from the dreaded COVID-19 virus, it is up to you to keep yourself, your family and your company safe from digital scammers and hackers who will be looking for any opportunity to take advantage of you during this time.

Now is a great time to boost your financial knowledge and save big!

Discovery Bank and financial education partner, Worth, bring you an exciting learning channel to improve your financial knowledge. Why not use this time to get practical tips for better financial control every day?

Skip crowded pharmacy queues with Health Banking

Do you anticipate a hospital admission or do you just need to swing by the pharmacy to pick up your meds? Our smart Health Banking solution makes healthcare trips as 'in-and-out' as possible. Learn how to make the most of digital banking here!

Don't let lockdown leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals

While self-isolation will keep you safe from the dreaded COVID-19 virus, it is up to you to keep yourself, your family and your company safe from digital scammers and hackers who will be looking for any opportunity to take advantage of you during this time.

Why we all deserve personalised interest rates

Gone are the days when insurance premiums were decided by age, sex, vehicle type or basic information. Today, financial services rates are personalised to reflect insurance risk based on how well clients drive, they take care of their health or manage their finances.

Five behaviours can change your financial future

As with health and driving behaviours that place us at risk, there are five behaviours that influence financial health - changing these behaviours is the best move you'll make for better financial control.

Behavioural banking: a bank, rewards and more in your hands

Discovery Bank is not just a digital bank, it's a fintech evolution that gives clients market-leading features and behavioural banking tools to change their financial health and improve their lives.

What healthy finances can do for your mental health

What does the health of your bank balance do to your brain and your body? The obvious answer is that if you have your ducks in a row, your heart and head can rest easy.

Bringing science to the world of banking

Discovery Bank is not just a digital bank, it's a fintech evolution that gives clients market- South Africans who bank better, grow wealth and earn rewards. It's all possible with the science behind behavioural banking. With technology that enables behaviour change, you'll soon have a healthier financial outlook.

Understand your financial health with the Vitality Money calculator

Our fingers were the first tools we used to count and add. As maths progressed, we made way for calculators. Today, finances may leave people crossing their fingers hoping everything balances. It doesn't have to be that way.

Safe Banking this Holiday

Whether you are spending some time at home or some time away this holiday season, it is important to remain vigilant when banking, shopping or holidaying.

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