Behavioural Banking

Check out our collection of lifestyle articles that will explain exactly what behavioural banking is and how Discovery Bank uses Vitality Money and other innovative tools and benefits to guide and motivate you to improve your financial health… and the range of rewards you can earn for managing your money better.

Skip crowded pharmacy queues with Health Banking

Do you anticipate a hospital admission or do you just need to swing by the pharmacy to pick up your meds? Our smart Health Banking solution makes healthcare trips as ‘in-and-out’ as possible. Learn how to make the most of digital banking here!

Don’t let lockdown leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals

While self-isolation will keep you safe from the dreaded COVID-19 virus, it is up to you to keep yourself, your family and your company safe from digital scammers and hackers who will be looking for any opportunity to take advantage of you during this time.

Why we all deserve personalised interest rates

Gone are the days when insurance premiums were decided by age, sex, vehicle type or basic information. Today, financial services rates are personalised to reflect insurance risk based on how well clients drive, they take care of their health or manage their finances.

Five behaviours can change your financial future

As with health and driving behaviours that place us at risk, there are five behaviours that influence financial health - changing these behaviours is the best move you’ll make for better financial control.

How to keep your money goals real and stay motivated to save

Do you think before you spend? Immediate wants are often the main motivation when it comes to how we work with money, earned or borrowed. If behaviour can shape our health or create safer roads, there’s no doubt better choices with money can flex financial muscle too.

Behavioural banking: a bank, rewards and more in your hands

Discovery Bank is not just a digital bank, it’s a fintech evolution that gives clients market-leading features and behavioural banking tools to change their financial health and improve their lives.

What healthy finances can do for your mental health

What does the health of your bank balance do to your brain and your body? The obvious answer is that if you have your ducks in a row, your heart and head can rest easy.

Bringing science to the world of banking

Discovery Bank is not just a digital bank, it’s a fintech evolution that gives clients market- South Africans who bank better, grow wealth and earn rewards. It’s all possible with the science behind behavioural banking. With technology that enables behaviour change, you’ll soon have a healthier financial outlook.

Understand your financial health with the Vitality Money calculator

Our fingers were the first tools we used to count and add. As maths progressed, we made way for calculators. Today, finances may leave people crossing their fingers hoping everything balances. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Safe Banking this Holiday

Whether you are spending some time at home or some time away this holiday season, it is important to remain vigilant when banking, shopping or holidaying.

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