7 reasons why having credit is good for your financial wellbeing


When you manage your credit card and overdraft well, it gives you spending power to make bigger purchases and pay for them later. We all need credit at some stage in our lives, so here are seven reasons why it's good to have credit and how you can use it to your advantage.

The key to managing your credit is to be responsible when borrowing money. If you are not saving regularly and spending more than you earn, you may overspend your credit. There's value in having credit and a positive credit history.

Why it's good to have some form of credit

  1. When you have a credit card, you can buy the things you need now and pay for them later or over an agreed term.
  2. Having credit means that you can build up a good credit history. By paying your credit card regularly, on time, and settling your accounts as agreed, you can build up a good credit score and increase your credit limit when you need to.
  3. When you have credit, it's easier to get credit. Banks and lenders are more likely to approve credit applications, and you may spend less time waiting to hear the results of your application. Remember to only get the credit you need and always consider what you can afford.
  4. Having a credit card means that you always have access to money up to your allocated credit limit. Any payment you make into the account gives you access to more credit that you can use for necessities, emergencies, or things where a credit card is more secure or necessary. For example, when booking flights and accommodation.
  5. Your future credit depends on the credit you have and need to repay now. The way you manage your credit can decide whether or not you can apply for more credit.
  6. Managing your credit well means that you could get better interest rates on credit. The better you manage your debt, the more likely you will save on the interest that gets added to the terms of your repayment. When you manage your money well, you get personalised interest rates with Discovery Bank and pay up to 6.75% less on your borrowing rate through Dynamic Interest Rates.
  7. It helps to create a picture of your financial wellness. Some employers, landlords and insurance companies may check your credit history as part of your employment, rental contracts, or cover. Having credit and a good credit history makes their decisions about any risk easier. When your credit history is good, it shows that you can manage finances and meet your commitments.

Discovery Bank makes managing your credit easy. With the single credit facility, you get one credit agreement for both the overdraft on your transaction account and for your credit card account. This means you only have to make one payment on the minimum amount due for both accounts.

This article is meant only as information and should not be taken as financial advice. For tailored financial advice, please contact your financial adviser.

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