Discovery Executive Wellness

Discovery Executive Wellness is a personalised experience that provides individuals with support in all areas of mental and physical well-being, through a team of highly qualified experts with access to the latest health and wellness technology. Our risk stratification model allows us to tailor our executive wellness offerings to our clients in accordance with their health risk profile, helping us to fully align with the client’s expectations and requirements in terms of location, budget and health risks. Each client will receive a comprehensive confidential report after their screening, while the employer will receive an anonymised report.

01 | Discovery Executive Wellness Comprehensive Medical

A comprehensive two-hour personalised medical assessment where clients consult with a GP, a registered nurse and biokineticist.
This programme is recommended for executives at high risk of developing medical conditions and for all those requiring an in-depth understanding of their current baseline health metrics.

02 | Discovery Executive Wellness Core Assessment

An Executive Wellness Specialist offers a one-hour consultation ideal for busy clients who require basic health assessments.
This is recommended for executives at a low risk of developing medical conditions or as a basic assessment.

03 | Discovery Executive Wellness Comparison table

Includes Core Assessment
Core Assessment
mobile offering
Comprehensive Medical
mobile offering
Individual health questionnaire
Random glucose blood test, full lipogram and HbA1c test (for at-risk individuals)
Standard blood tests    
Biokineticist consultation
Vision screening  
Hearing screening
Lung function test  
Hearing screening  
Posture assessment
Resting ECG    
Stress ECG      
Stroke risk assessment      
Glaucoma screening      
Vitality Fitness Assessment    
GP consultation    
Individual health report
Consolidated group report
Group risk and individual life underwriting    
Available JHB JHB, CPT & DBN
Available as part of a Corporate Wellness event or at a convenient place for each executive
Available as part of a Corporate Wellness event or at a convenient place for each executive
Assessment time 1 hour 1 hour 2.5 hours 2.5 hours
2018 Price (Incl. VAT) R2 448 R2 203 R7 210 R6 877
Costs of optional additions
GP, ECG, Stroke Risk Assessment R600 (Optional on the Core Assessment)
Psychologist Consultation R600 (facility-based)
Dietitian Consultation R600 (facility-based)
Exercise Consultant R350 (facility-based)
Flu vaccination R150
Personal coaching R3 500
Glaucoma Screening R170 (Optional on the Core Assessment - facility based)
Bespoke versions of both offerings are available on request.

Please note:

For both offerings, a fee of R736 will be deducted from the Screening and Prevention Benefit for all members belonging to Discovery Health Medical Scheme. This amount is claimed and paid from the risk benefit, which is offered on all Discovery Health Medical Scheme plans. Members do not have to be on Vitality to access the Screening and Prevention Benefit. Members are entitled to two prevention screenings a year. The fee will not affect day-to-day benefits unless members use both allocated screening assessments for the year. The employer has to pay R736 for each executive who does not belong to Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

Standard blood tests include full lipogram, glucose, urine analysis, full blood and platelet count, liver function tests, kidney function tests, ESR, uric acid, TSH, PSA (for males over 40 years), pap smear (for females) and stool – occult blood. There is an option for standard blood tests to be billed directly to an individual executive’s medical aid savings account, standard bloods tests are billed at an amount of R2 156.

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