The Healthy Business Show

Are you a start-up or business pioneer? Our Healthy Business Show is a masterclass of hacks and insights for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to survive and thrive in business today.

Ep 3

We go into the future with Dion Chang, a world-renowned Futurist who casts a lens on the technological revolution, AI, VR, AR, big data and robotics. Get all the hacks for new businesses from the expert on future-proofing businesses. And get a sneak preview into some of the insights that he and his team are most compelled (and frightened) by in the years ahead.

Ep 2

In our podcast, “What Makes A Good Idea?” agri-investor extraordinaire Nolo Masite shares insights into great business ideas, and what investors want to see from your business. He shares how hitting gold in business and attracting investors comes down whether a business is a simply a good idea or a great one with a sustainable market.

Ep 1

Shared-value is not a buzz word, says Nando’s co-founder, Robbie Brozin, it is the way to run a business. In South Africa, having a business that gives back from the start-up phase is no longer a compromise. Robbie share how having a purpose can propel businesses, and sustain it. Also, why defining a central purpose to your business from the get-go is important, and why is it so important to have a ‘why’.

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