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Social media law expert, Emma Sadleir, talks about the power of digital content and the legal and reputational risks. She shares current trends and prominent social media cases for perspective into the pitfalls, and advice on responsible use.

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Host: Fred Roed, CEO of Heavy Chef, an entrepreneur education platform

Emma Sadleir – Founder and CEO at The Digital Law Company

“The biggest risks posed to corporate South Africa in this digital age is the reputational risk from employees. A social media policy is not negotiable. That would be all the usual stuff: don't bring the company into disrepute, don't bite the hand that feeds you, don't breach confidentiality. Remember that you're an employee of this company 24 hours a day and there's no such thing as personal capacity."

We've got to remind people that three things happen when you put content in digital format: You lose context, you lose tone, and you lose control over your audience.

So, appreciate how dangerous digital content is, how public it is, and how permanent. If you wouldn't put it on a billboard, don't let it exist in digital format.

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