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Acclaimed comedian Riaad Moosa left a career in medicine to pursue one in stand-up, and now he’s set on combining his fields of expertise in a powerful and memorable way. Here he shares his story and thoughts on how creative entrepreneurs can build their personal brand.

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Host: Fred Roed, CEO of Heavy Chef, an entrepreneur education platform

Riaad Moosa – stand-up comedian, actor and medical doctor

“My approach is that of patience. Try to do quality work. I don't take every opportunity. I only force an opportunity when I know I'm going to be better at the end of it... Which is why I still chose to do the Netflix thing. Even if I messed up there, I would be a better comedian. So, it wasn't like I was taking the leap without a sense that I could deliver. But I also had to know that if it didn't work out, it would it still be beneficial.”

“Put yourself out of your comfort zone a lot more when you're younger. That's the one thing I tell young comedians all the time: risk now. I mean, this small place... I know, this is everything to you, this comedy club – but this is where you learn the art.”

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