Robocops and cybercrime


There are five new viruses launched every second of the day. Your business is more vulnerable to cybercrime than you realise. We talk with Charl Ueckermann, CEO of AVeS Cyber Security, about breaches and the tech you can use to counter cybercrime.

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Host: Fred Roed, CEO of Heavy Chef, an entrepreneur education platform

Charl Ueckermann – Chief Executive Officer, AVeS Cyber Security

“For small businesses, the average value is about R1 million per incident. That's to recover your data, regain reputation, and all the processes that go with that. So, do reasonable things to try and prevent it in the first place.

You want to proactively monitor your environment so that you're in a predictive scenario and not a reactive scenario.

If you have an incident and you've been compromised, as part of the Discovery Business Insurance policy, we will go out and assist you to recover the data and get your business up and running in the shortest space of time.”

Get help in building a stronger business and managing your risks

Discovery Business Insurance looks at businesses holistically, and offers much more than focusing on the physical risks facing a business. We’ve partnered with AVeS Cyber Security to offer customised services that’ll help your business to be proactive in managing the risks of cybercrime.

By helping business to manage risks better, we’re creating stronger businesses that make a difference in the long term. Learn more here.

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