Housewalking – it’s a thing, try it.


Exercising can be challenging at the best of times. But when we have to stay home for 21 days (for the greater good), that’s when we need out-of-the-box thinking to stay active. Introducing housewalking, your next step in home workouts.

Vitality's key principles have never been more relevant: exercise if you're well, eat healthy food, and take preventive measures, like washing your hands. We want you to keep achieving your exercise goals and earning your rewards, which is why we've lowered your weekly Vitality Active Rewards weekly goal to 600 Vitality points.

We have made achieving your exercise goal at home simple, all you need to do is to track your daily steps with your smartphone. Link your health app to Discovery to earn:

  • 50 Vitality fitness points for 5 000 to 9 999 steps OR
  • 100 points for 10 000 or more steps a day.

You can do that! Especially if you start housewalking.

Housewalking? Is that …

Exactly what it sounds like. Housewalking is walking in your house, flat, office, or garden as often as you can. Think of all the time you spend at your desk or on the couch, watching TV or staring at your phone. Now imagine if you could be walking instead. It's a great way to reach 10 000 steps a day, and you could make it as fun and intense as you like.

Sure, it will take a slight shift in your mind-set to start walking at home every moment you can, but once you get started it will soon become a habit like brushing your teeth or washing your hands (for 20 seconds, with soap and water, while singing the national anthem).

When and where can you housewalk?

Anytime, anywhere, housewalking is for anyone. You can do it while you're:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Washing your hands
  • Playing on your phone (make sure you disinfect it regularly)
  • Watching TV
  • Working from home – reward yourself with a 10-minute break every hour by taking a walk, even if it’s around the dining room table.
  • Playing with pets – the area might be smaller but they still love walkies!
  • Spending time with your kids – make a game out of who can take the longest, shortest, fastest and slowest steps, and teach them real-life “trappe van vergelyking” (degrees of comparison).

To get started:

  1. Set a goal of how many steps you want to take in a day – 5 000 steps for 50 points or 10 000 steps for 100 points
  2. Download a health app on your phone or use your Vitality approved fitness device to track your steps. Remember to link your app or device to Vitality to earn points and rewards.
  3. Start walking.
  4. Increase your goal by 500 steps a day, and you’ll be doing 10 000 steps in no time.

Be an inspiration for others – take a video of yourself finding creative ways to keep walking. Who knows, maybe you’ll become South Africa's very first housewalking influencer? Keep a look out on our social media for more fun ways to reach 10 000 steps a day and achieve your exercise goals.

And when you achieve your goals, enjoy great discounts on select Vitality Active Rewards online shopping and home entertainment rewards. You can now watch BoxOffice and Netflix movies for fewer Discovery Miles.

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