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We offer homeowners insurance with unique benefits

Discovery Insure is one of South Africa’s leading home insurance companies. We offer comprehensive home insurance to homeowners to protect your home contents, personal belongings and portable possessions. Choose from four flexible plans and never pay an excess on homeowners insurance claims caused by fire, lightning, flooding or malicious damage.

Building insurance

Have comprehensive cover for loss or damage to your buildings and much more:

  • No excess on fire, hail, storm, flood damage and other events
  • We have four flexible Plans to match your home insurance needs
  • Get emergency household repairs with HomeAssist.

Home contents

Get cover for items in your home. With our no-average guarantee, valid claims are paid out in full.

  • Cover against theft, fire, flooding and other events
  • Get HomeAssist for emergency household repairs
  • You can choose your own excess based on your needs and your premium will be adjusted accordingly.

Portable possessions

We cover your valuable items that leave your home against accidental loss or damage.

  • Only pay for what you need – we will estimate the maximum value of your valuables if they were lost
  • FastTrack claims on specific lost or stolen electronic devices like your cellphone or laptop
  • See a full list of items you can cover in our Plan Guide.

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