How do personal goals work

How do personal goals work?

Every quarter, we'll create a set of three goals for you on one or more of the following categories: speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering, night-time driving and your cellphone use. The goals will show the important areas that you need to improve to become a better driver.

If you reach your goal, you'll get 50 DQ Points for the month. If you don't reach your goal, you won't get any DQ Points for personal goals in the month.

Recommending goals

Personal goals are based on your actual driving behaviour over the past quarter. For example, a husband and wife may both be given a goal to reduce harsh acceleration. The husband's goal may be to reduce his harsh acceleration to less than 10 events per month and his wife's goal may be to reduce her harsh acceleration events to less than five per month. The reason for this goal difference could be that the husband drives double his wife's distance or because their driving behaviour with regards to harsh acceleration is different, so the two goals are effectively equivalent.

Setting goals

You need to select one goal that will apply over the three-month period. For example, you log on to in January and see that you have three available goals in the areas of speeding, braking and night driving. You must select one of these activities and reach the set goals to get personal goal points in the months of January, February and March. In April, you can choose a new goal for the next three-month period.

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