The Discovery Foundation, an independent trust of Discovery, was set up in 2006 as part of Discovery’s BBBEE transaction, with the aim of addressing the shortage of primarily black specialists in South Africa’s healthcare sector. The Foundation aims to invest 75% of its funding in the development of black specialistsSince 2006, the Foundation has invested more than R230 million towards training and support for more than 400 medical specialists and institutionsThe grants support academic research and clinical science, sub-specialist training, rural medicine as well as programmes to develop public healthcare resources. For 2019, Discovery Foundation awarded 42 grants to medical specialists working in SA’s healthcare sector to the value of R27 million.

Awards have been carefully selected in effort to strengthen our public healthcare system in areas of need. Selfless, determined and driven to make a difference, these individuals and institutions are all adding to knowledge and excellence in healthcare.

Every recipient of a Discovery Foundation Award aspires to greater heights in improving healthcare − only to achieve their most satisfying reward of all. The smile of a grateful patient, the knowledge of a life saved, and discovering solutions to disease prevention, treatment and cure.

These Award recipients all have a dream of how it could be and are working hard towards this outcome. The Discovery Foundation Awards invested in these recipients and their work contribute to enabling better quality care, greater specialisation and building a network of knowledge and excellence that culminate in a constellation of skills in our rural and public health sectors.

Thank you to each of the remarkable recipients.

General Healthcare

Improving general healthcare through research, preventative programmes, resource and knowledge sharing.


Building skills, infrastructure and coordinated systems of cardiac care through targeted research, training and interventions that improve patient outcomes.


In South Africa, 1 000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year with a cure rate of 50%. Innovative diagnostic methods and a holistic approach to cancer care aim to encourage accurate and early diagnosis.

Tuberculosis and pulmonology

Tuberculosis is the leading infectious disease in South Africa and drug resistant TB is increasing exponentially. Around 14 000 people developed drug-resistant TB while the WHO estimated that 558 000 suffered from the disease in 2017.

Quality of care

Across South Africa, healthcare professionals are developing and implementing programmes to build leadership skills, knowledge and improve patient management for enhanced care.

Mother and child health

More maternal and foetal medicine specialists and targeted initiatives to train healthcare providers, enable lifesaving healthcare to reduce the rates of mother and child deaths.

Mental Health

Mental health care includes many facets, from nutrition and understanding symptoms to interpreting patient feedback. Research and skills-sharing create greater potential to influence policies and effective treatment.

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