Protect your children's education with the Global Education Protector from Discovery Life


As a parent, you don't need to be reminded about the importance of planning and saving for your children's education. With the increasing cost of tuition and boarding, parents are looking for ways to ensure that their children's education is protected.

Discovery Life’s innovative Global Education Protector is designed to meet these challenges by not only protecting your children at every stage of their education, but also allowing you to get up to 100%* of their tertiary tuition funded, even if you don’t claim, by simply leading a healthy life.

With the new Global Education Protector product range from Discovery Life, you can select from a number of benefit options, which provide the same key benefits at different levels of cover. This ensures that you are comprehensively protected according to your unique needs.

The Global Education Protector: A Range of options to meet the needs of every family
  • To ensure you are protected according to your children’s needs, you can select from our Core or Private Global Education Protector benefits, providing the same key benefits but at different levels of cover.
  • You have the option to choose whether you want to be covered for disability, severe illness and death, or only for death. You can also choose whether to protect your children’s education on these events happening to your spouse as well.
  • All benefit options automatically include cover for:
    • Tuition and tertiary residence fees
    • An annual lump sum to assist with any other education related expenses through the Discretionary Lump Sum Benefit
    • An additional payout should your child receive a bursary while the benefit is in-claim, through the Bursary Cashback Benefit.

If you are a member of Discovery Vitality, you could also qualify for the University Funder Benefit. This benefit funds up to 100% of your children’s tertiary education on the Private Global Education Protector, and up to 50% on the Core Global Education Protector, for up to three years and subject to a maximum set by Discovery Life.

Take advantage of our limited offer

For a limited time, when you take out a Global Education Protector, Discovery Life will immediately guarantee a minimum amount of funding towards your children’s tertiary tuition fees, of up to 33% through the University Funder Benefit. The guaranteed percentage that will be funded is based on your children’s age when you take out the policy and on the benefit selected. In addition, by engaging in Vitality, you can increase the amount of your child’s tertiary education fees that we will fund to up to 100%* (depending on the benefit you select). This will give you the added advantage of ensuring your children are always ahead of the curve!

*Subject to limits determined by Discovery Life, applies to children who are 12 years old and younger

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