Earn a reward for this quarter's Life production growth


Motivate your adviser to reach stretch Life targets and win a reward.

You will earn an additional reward for every adviser in your panel that meets their individual Life target for the quarter, subject to a minimum of 5 qualifying advisers.

How it works:

The individual target increase for each adviser will be based on the API band they fall into.

Prior Year API production band
(April – June 2017)
Percentage API Increase required
R0 to R74,999 30%
R75,000 to R149,999 25%
R150,000 to R299,999 20%
R300,000 to R599,999 15%
R600,000 to R899,999 12.5%
900,000 to R1,199,999 10%
R1,200,000 7.5%

Based on this, you will receive a rand value reward for each qualifying adviser who exceeds their individual targets.

Prior Year API production band Rand reward value per qualifying adviser
R0 to R74,999 R500
R75,000 to R149,999 R750
R150,000 to R299,999 R1000
R300,000 to R599,999 R2000
R600,000 to R899,999 R4000
900,000 to R1,199,999 R6 000
R1,200,000 to R2,399,999 R8 000
R2,400,00 + R10 000

Things to note:

  • To qualify, your advisers will need to meet the minimum criteria below:
    • R40 000 for tied financial advisers
    • R5 000 for Independent Financial Adviser
  • You will also need to achieve minimum criteria for quarter 4
  • This challenge will run from 26 March 2018 – 25 June 2018
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