COVID-19 and your finances

With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it's natural to have major concerns around your financial security. Our experts share key insights to guide you in every area of your decision-making and to navigate the current disruption to markets and economies.

Ep 5

What does it take for life insurance to meet present and future needs?

We find ourselves facing a pandemic and uncertain times, particularly when it comes to our financial security. How does Discovery Life leverage the use of cutting edge technology in a way that assists and empowers clients, through innovative product solutions that reward them throughout their policy term. As Gareth Friedlander – Deputy CEO of Discovery Life – tells Azania Mosaka, Discovery Life’s approach to life insurance is unconventional, offering both local and global solutions for the modern day client. What is it that allows Discovery Life to follow trends and stay ahead of the curve, to keep solving for evolving, real-life client needs? And, how is the business working to ensure that it capable of meeting, and exceeding, these needs at present and into the future?

Ep 4

Investors and employers – seeing opportunities in midst of the COVID-19 experience

These days the news can feel like a constant stream of anxiety-inducing reports for investors. However, as Guy Chennells (Head of Product for Discovery Employee Benefits) tells Azania Mosaka, he believes that with strategic upskilling, innovation and patience, forward-thinking employers and investors can still come out on top. Guy shares key insights into finding opportunities in the midst of the disruption that COVID-19 has brought to markets and economies.

Ep 3

Investors – gain perspective to assist you to manage the impact of COVID-19

Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes – but learning from the past and present is key for anyone who wants to become savvier with their finances in the future. Azania Mosaka talks to Guy Chennells, Head of Product for Employee Benefits at Discovery. Guy shares tips to help investors gain perspective in this time of economic upheaval and help us to draw out the financial lessons we can all learn from the COVID-19 experience.

Ep 2

Certainty in the midst of uncertainty

In these unusual times, many people are feeling uneasy and uncertain. We understand that with the growing spread of COVID-19 across the globe, many people are wondering what impact this pandemic has on their life insurance policies. In this podcast, Dr Maritha van der Walt, Chief Medical Officer at Discovery Life, reassures policyholders by sharing all the ways Discovery Life continues to give them cover during this world pandemic.

Ep 1

An appeal to investors during the COVID-19 outbreak

Since the World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus a pandemic, financial markets across the globe have been volatile, and some investors are feeling emotional and anxious. But in times of crisis, the most successful investors are those who are in control of their behavioural biases. Here to discuss the healthiest investment response is Discovery Invest’s head of R&D, Craig Sher.

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