Mental Wellbeing

Get the latest topical and practical advice from our Vitality experts on nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing and more.

Ep 5

How can you be as productive as you need to be in your work, while also caring for children at home? Human potential and parenting expert Nikki Bush shares must-know tips to help every parent to manage working remotely, taking care of children’s holistic wellbeing and enforce a sense of control that will reassure children as far as possible. Nikki also speaks to employers about how critical it is to understand every remote employee’s current situation, how this affects the productivity they are capable of and what sort of additional support they may need to get through their work.

Ep 4

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic our focus is on flattening the curve, working through the stay-at-home period and maintaining physical distancing. How many of us have paused to acknowledge the mental and physical healthcare challenges that every healthcare professional now faces, day in and day out? Endocrinologist Dr Sundeep Ruder has a deep passion for wellbeing and public health. He tells Azania Mosaka why, and how, our healthcare professionals should care for themselves as they tackle the COVID-19 tide. He also helps us all to better understand the situation our healthcare professionals find themselves in.

Ep 3

Dr Dale Rae specialises in sleep science, circadian rhythms and sleep in sport, health and illness. She unpacks why our sleep patterns may be altered while we adapt to staying at home, and how to manage sleep issues. Dr Rae is a senior researcher in the division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town and the director of the Sleep Science unit at the Sports Science Institute of SA.

Ep 2

Dinesh Govender, Vitality CEO, explains why it is more important than ever to keep up a fitness routine – not for your waistline, but for your mind, too. While we are at home, exercise is essential for maintaining both your physical and mental wellbeing. He also shares the ins and outs of the new Vitality Mental Wellbeing programme.

Ep 1

Vitality dietician Terry Harris unpacks why many of us can’t resist emotional eating right now. Plus: her tips for healthy snacking and meal preparation while we stay at home.

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