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If you have a small business and don’t have much to spend on marketing, how do you build a brand in an impactful way? Market research maestro and experienced entrepreneur, Musa Kalenga, shares valuable insights on the basics of marketing and research.

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Host: Fred Roed, CEO of Heavy Chef, an entrepreneur education platform

Musa Kalenga – Executive at Bridge Labs, the Brave Group of Companies

“For me, the simplest explanation of brand building is to define the promise that you're making to the different stakeholders, and then to stay true to that promise and build stories that amplify the promise that you're making to them. That narrative is not a sales pitch, it's just you, talking about your truth. In doing so, you’re able to make a more authentic business connection with another human being, and that's the strongest way to drive business.

Most companies that survive past year two generally have one or two clients that have stuck with them, because they connected to a story. Yes, you probably added value, you’re probably not the best in the market, but your story resonated with them. It's a difficult thing to underplay, but there is direct commercial benefit from being able to articulate clearly what your story is.

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