Planning for retirement

No one wants to depend on family or the state when they can no longer work, but statistics show that over 94% of South Africans will have no choice. Financial independence means having options - and that's a goal worth saving for. The good news is that it's never too early or too late to start saving and we're here to help. Here we will show you how to plan and save for a more secure retirement.

Understanding retirement  

Is saving for retirement a blip on your radar, or is it a worry that keeps you up at night? Either way when you understand how relevant saving for retirement is, you'll be enabled to make the right decisions, and reap the peace of mind that it brings. Get to the bottom of retirement basics here.

Ask the right Guy  

We get money advice from all kinds of places - family, friends and colleagues, search engines and social media. Well-intentioned as these resources may be, retirement expert Guy Chennells may just be the right guy to ask. Get his take on your most pressing queries and concerns now. #AskTheRightGuy


Your Money Matters 

You may be convinced you need to start saving for retirement, but how do you do it in a way best suited to your particular needs? This podcast series will give you some tips to help you can put your retirement planning into action.



Discovery invest helps you understand how compounding works and how it can create wealth

Learn how diversification works if you are considering retiring abroad.

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