Discovery moves closer to the top three investment managers


After a promising start to the year, Discovery Invest continues on a path of achieving excellence, with a stellar performance as per the Plexcrowns Unit Trust Survey for the first quarter of 2018. Discovery Invest retained an excellent position ranking 4th out of all CIS management companies.

However, in a pleasing development Discovery Invest’s score has gone up from the previous quarter with a weighted ranking of 3.756 just short of the third top asset manager sitting at a score of 3.789.

Established in 2005, PlexCrown is widely recognised as the leading retail unit trust fund rating agency in the country. PlexCrown does the calculations for the coveted Raging Bull Awards based on risk-adjusted returns by applying the PlexCrown methodology. The PlexCrown ratings are based on four or five different measures of risk-adjusted performance over three and five years. The ratings are averaged in various broad unit trust sectors, and the scores in these sectors are then averaged to obtain an overall score for each manager of between one and five PlexCrowns. Weightings apply when the averages are calculated to take account of fund size and category size.

Top performing funds that lie in the top 10% are awarded the maximum five Plexcrowns. The lower performing funds in the bottom 10% are awarded only a single Plexcrown. The funds that lie in the middle are awarded two to four PlexCrowns.

Discovery Invest saw the following improvement in the PlexCrown rankings of its funds:


All three Balanced Funds maintained high Plexcrown ratings and also showed outstanding returns to the end of March as seen below. The returns below have been annualised:

  • Discovery Balanced retains a 5 crown rating. The fund is ranked 8th out of 91 funds.
Historical Performance (net of fund management fees)
Period Fund % Benchmark %
1 year 6.31 3.34
3 years 4.5 3.18
5 years 9.78 7.48
10 years 9.97 8.07
Since inception 9.54 7.43
  • Cautious Balanced retains 4 crowns, but has moved up the rankings. The fund is ranked 9th out of 77 funds.
Historical Performance (net of fund management fees)
Period Fund % Benchmark %
1 year 7.80 4.85
3 years 5.70 5.14
5 years 8.60 7.47
Since inception 8.42 8.68
  • Moderate Balanced retains its 5 crown rating. The fund is ranked 2nd out of 49 funds.
Historical Performance (net of fund management fees)
Period Fund % Benchmark %
1 year 6.76 3.55
3 years 5.08 3.56
5 years 8.97 7.12
Since inception 10.27 8.48

Global Funds

  • Global Value Equity Feeder Fund has been included in the Plexcrown ranking for the first time, having just achieved a five year track record and came in with a strong 4 crown ranking, just missing 5 crowns.
  • Global Balanced Fund of Funds had a sharp improvement in rankings moving from one crown to 3 crowns in one quarter. It is noteworthy that this is a very narrow sector with only six funds and the crown rankings change consistently.

Sources: All fund performance figures are net of fund management fees; as at 31 March 2018 and sourced from ProfileData.
Nothing contained herein should be construed as financial advice and this document is meant for information purposes only.
Discovery Life Investment Services Pty (Ltd): Registration number 2007/005969/07, branded as Discovery Invest, is an authorised financial services provider.



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