Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover


Provides lump-sum payouts, premium protection and home support when you need it most.

Medical Breakthrough Funder

Provides you with a lump-sum payout of up to R500 000 on diagnosis of qualifying illnesses associated with high treatment costs, as well as access to advanced genomic sequencing for certain cancers.

Comprehensive Premium Protector

Covers your medical scheme, Vitality and gap cover premiums for up to two years on death, disability or severe illness.

Home Support Benefit

Pays you R10 000 every month for a year if you or your spouse suffer a qualifying life-changing event.

Annual PayBack

With Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover, you can receive an Annual PayBack of up to 25% of the total premiums paid over the calendar year, based on how you manage your health and your motor vehicle accident risk profile. This is paid to you at the beginning of each year.

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