Our global investment plans

Our global investment plans offer unique benefits that are designed to help you reach your investment goals,  access global opportunities and ensure your financial security. 


Our lump-sum Global Endowment

An endowment is an investment plan that helps you save over the medium to long term. Our Global Endowment allows you to invest globally below the prevailing exchange rate, which means you get more out of your investment. Benefits include effortless tax administration, significant estate planning advantages, and access to your investment when you need it.

You can invest in US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP) or euros (EUR). The minimum investment amount for each currency is:

USD 25 000

EUR 22 000

GBP 20 000


ZAR 375 000

Why the Global Endowment?

Invest below the prevailing market exchange rate

When you take out this investment plan, you can effectively invest at a better exchange rate than what is available in the market by investing in qualifying investment choices. If you already have money abroad, you can invest with us and still get an equivalent enhancement to your investment from this feature. You must remain invested for 10 years to receive this benefit.

Estate planning and international trust benefits

Our Global Endowment forms part of your South African estate; therefore, it avoids the complications that could arise from having part of an estate located in another country. It also gives you access to an international trust at a cost-effective price, and you can get a refund of up to 50% of the yearly trust fees after five years.

Tax efficiency

We take care of the tax administration (calculation, collection and payment to SARS) on your behalf, which makes the tax process much simpler. Taxation on endowments may also result in lower tax for investors who have higher marginal tax rates. Tax is calculated in US dollars.

Competitive fees

We charge a single, competitive yearly admin fee, which depends on the total value of all your Global Endowments. This fee includes trustee fees, custodian fees and international administration fees.

Flexibility through multiple owners and beneficiaries

The Global Endowment may be owned by multiple owners. In addition, multiple beneficiaries and types of beneficiaries can be nominated, which allows for the investment proceeds to pass to the beneficiaries without the need for international probate.

Access to your investment

You can make multiple withdrawals from this investment during the initial five-year period, and unlimited withdrawals thereafter.

More global investment plans

Our global investment plans are designed to meet your investment needs and help you diversify your investment portfolio. You can invest monthly in our Global Recurring Endowment or a lump-sum in our Global Flexible Investment Plan. With our Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser you can convert your unused life cover from your Discovery Dollar Life Plan into tax-free income in retirement.

Global Flexible Investment

The Global Flexible Investment is a lump-sum investment plan that gives you access to your money when you need it. You can choose from a wide range of international investment choices, enabling you to you can take advantage of investment opportunities all over the world.

Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser

The Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser allows you to save for retirement in US dollars and convert your unused life cover from your Discovery Dollar Life Plan into tax-free income in retirement, through a benefit called the Dollar Life Plan Optimiser. Through shared value, you can also benefit from fee discounts to help you save towards the international retirement you aspire to.

Global Recurring Endowment

The Global Recurring Endowment is a unique investment plan that allows you to invest monthly in US dollars with ease. We are the only company that allows you to invest globally in an endowment on a monthly basis.

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