Discovery's Capital Disability Benefit

Protect your financial security with Discovery's Capital Disability Benefit

When you have a Discovery life insurance policy, you can get a Capital Disability Benefit which provides you with a lump-sum payout if you become disabled. In this way you can cover any costs associated with your disability, whether it's to purchase specialised medical equipment, remodel your home or to settle outstanding debts.


Benefit from our flexibility

You can choose for how long you want to be covered - until the age of 65 or 70. If you have cover remaining at your benefit expiry age, it will automatically convert to provide you with severe illness cover in retirement, with no medical underwriting required.

You don't have to wait

We assess the severity of your condition based on objective medical criteria, and provide a claim payment as soon as your condition meets the qualifying criteria. If your condition does not meet the medical criteria, you could still qualify for a payment if it results in you being unable to perform the duties of your occupation.

Furthermore, while the assessment of your condition is underway you could receive payouts from your disability insurance to help you cover your financial commitments, until we have established the permanence of your disability.

Other unique features you can choose from to enhance your Capital Disability Benefit

Allowing for the long-term impact of the disability

The LifeTime Capital Disability Benefit considers the long-term impact of your disability and your expected future salary growth to boost your Capital Disability Benefit payout to up to 200%.

Boosted cash backs on your Discovery Card

The Dynamic Spend Protector will boost your Discovery Card cash backs at partner stores on permanent disability to protect against increases in the cost of living.

Boosted cover, free of charge

The BenefitBooster can provide you and your spouse with up to 40% additional disability cover at no extra cost.


With Discovery's Capital Disability Benefit you can prepare for and protect your financial future in a way that's best suited to your individual needs.



Discovery Life Limited. Registration number 1966/003901/06, is a registered long-term insurer, and an authorised financial services and registered credit provider, NCR registration number NCRCP3555. Product rules, terms and conditions apply.
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